5 signs an apprenticeship is right for you

5 Signs An Apprenticeship Is Right For You

Apprenticeship schemes can totally transform your job prospects, allowing you to earn while you gain skills, experience and qualifications in your chosen field. It’s no wonder they are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to university.

But are you definitely sure this route is for you? What qualities does an apprentice need to thrive and succeed in a programme? To give you confidence that this is the right way forward for your future career, let’s examine the five characteristics that an aspiring apprentice will want to have:

1. You like Learning by Doing

For you, learning isn’t something that happens in the classroom. You prefer to get your hands dirty, whether it’s fixing up quad bikes in your granddad’s shed, or giving your friend a wicked new hairstyle.

If you prefer a more practical way of learning, an apprenticeship could be the perfect alternative to higher education!

2. Confidence

It’s easy to feel daunted when meeting potentially dozens of new people, but it’s important to realise that nerves are normal when starting a job. You’ll soon gain confidence in a work environment, whether you’re a social person or not.

Once you’re in your new job, make the effort to talk to your colleagues and have an open mind about what others can teach you and you’ll become comfortable in the workplace.

Different people. Run to new opportunities

3. Ambition

An apprenticeship is only worthwhile if you’ve considered what it’ll do for you in the future. There’s no point spending months or years learning the ropes of a business you have zero interest in. Think about where you want the programme to take you, and don’t be afraid to dream big.

4. Initiative

To get the most out of an apprenticeship, a sense of initiative is useful. Looking for jobs that need doing during quiet spells, offering to help your co-workers, and getting hands-on with tasks outside of your immediate job makes you stand out to an employer, and helps your future work prospects too.

5. High Expectations

An ideal apprentice will want to be wowed by their new position. If you have researched similar programmes and compared their strengths and weaknesses, you’ll feel drawn to one particular profession or company.

Wouldn’t it be great if training timeframes don’t seem long enough; and you find yourself wanting to do more than the bare minimum, or even put extra hours in on a whim, and offer to go the extra mile. That’s your ideal apprenticeship.

Do the above points sound positive to you? If so, you’re probably a prime candidate for an apprenticeship scheme. Having a thirst for knowledge, a respect for the industry you’ve chosen, and big ambitions for your future are key ingredients for a successful apprentice.

By choosing the apprenticeship route you’ll be laying the foundations for a programme that will put you on the path to a fruitful career.

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