About Careermap

Careermap is unique in passion and provision. We provide quality information about careers and qualifications to help make career decisions. Providing this information also means recruiters can link their vacancies to blogs, articles in our Careermag publications and to CareermapLive webinars. This gives candidates a clear understanding of the range of opportunities available and it gives employers informed candidates.

We take enormous pride in working with our stakeholders to share the latest sector information and supporting content. Our audiences include:

  • Young People in school thinking about their future and next steps
  • Their Parents who are supporting important decision making
    Teachers, career advisers and Career Leaders who are provides of career information and are key influencers
  • University graduates who are looking for work after graduation, many of whom have been so focused on their education, they have not investigated what happens next or what they can do with their degrees
  • And all lifelong learners, career changers and job seekers, whatever their age.

To enhance your recruitment campaign, we have a number of key solutions. Our aim is to help you meet your objectives. We work with you and offer trusted advice and guidance to help you engage directly with your target audience. Our range of solutions include:

  • Training, Adult Courses, Early Career & Job Listings
  • Targeted Social Media Campaigns
  • Targeted Email Campaigns
  • Background Takeover & Banners
  • CareermapLive Webinars
  • Careermag
  • & much more!

You can get in touch with simon@careermap.co.uk or colin@careermap.co.uk to discuss how we can support your Early Career Talent Attraction Campaigns.

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