Accountancy and Finance Apprenticeships

Accounting and Finance Apprenticeships are all about unlocking business potential through effective finance.

What do Accountancy and Finance Apprenticeships involve?

The term refers to money, management and business. Finance relates to the management of monetary funds. Accounting involves the provision and analysis of financial data for various purposes within a business. Opportunities are here, there and everywhere. Every business needs an accountant, At some point, every business requires the advice of an accounting expert whether it’s regarding tax or payroll. There is an abundance of work just waiting for someone like you.

An apprenticeship in accounting and finance is split between employment with a firm and external studies. One day a week might be spent working towards a nationally recognisable qualification whilst the rest is spent working within an accounting firm, developing practical and relevant skills.

The financial sector is one of the UK’s leading employers. Since the financial crisis of 2007, the reputation of organisations within the financial sector have been damaged, companies watched their revenues fall, opportunities for apprenticeships and work experience in finance disappeared. A skills shortage developed during the recession, as employers reduced the number of new recruits to their businesses. But now the need for accountants and finance workers is as higher demand than ever.

What areas are there in Accounting and Finance?

The accounting and finance industry is made up of several sectors including:

Accountancy and Finance – This covers audit, tax and accountancy, and finance of businesses

Banking and Building Societies – The sector’s biggest employers, these enable individuals and businesses to manage their money and access products such as loans, mortgages and insurance.

Financial Planning – Jobs in this area focus on the provision of advisory services, and supporting people and organisations looking to plan their financial futures.

Insurance – Employees in this area work closely with other professionals, including doctors, lawyers and fire officers, to gather evidence, assess risk and resolve claims against insurance policies.

Investments and Pensions – Employees research the likely performance of funds and look to mitigate financial risk and liability for their clients, with the key functions of investment companies including performance measurement, investment support, risk assessment, data management, and trading and stockbroking.

The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary. An accounting and finance apprenticeship will be challenging but it will be worth it, you’ll be helping to take care of business affairs, learning transferable skills and earning.

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