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What is Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering Apprenticeships?

To the flying machine

Aerospace engineers design, build and maintain planes, spacecraft and satellites. Aeronautical engineering represents the branch of engineering that deals with the research, design, development, construction, testing, science and technology of aircraft. So to simplify that, aerospace is the doing and aeronautical is the thinking behind the doing.

So are you targeting an organisation with a truly global footprint? The aerospace industry truly is one of the most exciting areas of engineering and covers a wide range of craft that flies in the Earth’s atmosphere and surrounding space.

Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering Apprenticeships

About the Aeronautical/Aerospace Apprenticeship

You will work primarily within a specific engineering discipline as an apprentice aerospace engineer. Sectors you can work in include air frame, systems integration, support engineering, design and stress, quality or advanced manufacturing engineering. You will focus on all aspects related to the full life cycle of systems and products whilst still complying with statutory regulations and organisational safety requirements. You will learn to both use and interpret engineering data and documentation these include drawings, computer-generated models and reports. It’s a fascinating career to embark on, you’ll be faced with many challenges and gain the opportunity to fulfil your potential.

Progression Routes

With experience, you could specialise in a field such as aerodynamics, fuel efficiency, space technology, investigating air accidents. You could also progress to project manager and consultant aerospace engineer.

Get your career off to a flying start with an Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering Apprenticeships.

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