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Aerospace Apprenticeships offer a practical route allowing you to work and earn as you learn through a combination of academic study and on the job training. You can opt to obtain intermediate, advanced or higher Apprenticeships through aerospace Apprenticeships in a wide range of aerospace roles.

What do aerospace Apprenticeships involve?

Aerospace Apprenticeships are an excellent vocational route into an exciting and varied industry. Are you looking for a credible alternative to university? Want to continue learning but also want a job? With an aerospace Apprenticeship you get the best of both worlds and if you’re working towards a degree qualification you’ll even get your tuition fees paid for by your employer make it a debt free learning and development opportunity.
Apprenticeships are rapidly becoming a more appealing option to school and college leavers with the opportunity to gain qualifications, skills and experience all whilst getting paid.

Aerospace Apprenticeships

Aerospace Apprenticeships will equip you with essential skills and experience to create a successful, long and fulfilling career for you. Let’s look at what you could be doing:

Manufacturing – Manufacturing within the aerospace industry will see you take on a range of roles from the design to the planning and testing of aerospace crafts and equipment. This Apprenticeship will develop your knowledge and technical skills allowing you to lead a successful career.

Pilot – A brand new pilot Apprenticeship is being developed. This Apprenticeship is an exciting route allowing you to gain skills, knowledge and problem solving abilities. Pilots fly short or long haul flights with passengers or cargo on board.

Engineer – Aerospace engineering will see you oversee the maintenance and repair of a range of aerospace craft and equipment allowing you to gain credible qualifications, skills and experience enhancing your future prospects.

Aerospace skills

Aerospace Apprenticeships will equip you with a wide range of skills you’ll gain manual dexterity, teamwork, communication skills, problem solving, innovation and creativity. Aerospace Apprenticeships will help your professional and personal development opportunities.

Aerospace Apprenticeships

Employers you could be working for

You could be working for a wide range of employers as an aerospace apprentice including the following companies: Airbus, BAE Systems, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, TUI, Thomas Cook, GE Aviation, Marshall Aerospace, AirTanker, Lockheed Martin and many more.

Apprenticeship Standards

Apprenticeships are currently evolving. Apprenticeship frameworks are currently being replaced by Apprenticeship standards. Here is a list of aerospace and aviation standards that are currently approved for delivery:

Aerospace engineer – Level 6
Aerospace Software Development Engineer – Level 6
Engineering Technician – Level 3
Non-destructive Testing Operator – Level 2
Non-destructive Testing Engineering Technician – Level 3
Aviation Ground Operative – Level 2
Aviation Ground Specialist – Level 3
Aviation Maintenance Mechanic – Level 2
Aviation Operations Manager – Level 4

Currently still undergoing developments and not yet ready for delivery is the Commercial Airline Pilot – Level 6 standard.

Applying for aerospace Apprenticeships

If you’re ready to get your career off to a flying start you can apply for an aerospace Apprenticeship on Careermap. Can’t find any near you? Register your CV online so top employer and providers can find you. For information on preparing for an aerospace Apprenticeship interview visit Careers in Aerospace for a useful guide on how to master your interview.


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