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Apprenticeships are one of the most popular career paths for students who have just left school. Apprenticeships allow you to gain hands-on experience and earn qualifications whilst on the job, and they can be extremely rewarding. By earning qualifications this will give you an added advantage over those seeking the same job role as you in the future, and it shows you are devoted to the job in questions – as you have been through an Apprenticeship to learn the relevant skills. Another advantage of an Apprenticeship is that you are often paid throughout the scheme, and you will not have to obtain a part-time job as you may have if you chose to partake in a college course for example.

Another major advantage of Apprenticeships is that they can cover a range of sectors including the likes of beauty all the way to the over end of the spectrum in the form of construction. With such a wide variety of choice there is sure to be an Apprenticeship out there that is perfect for you. At Career Map we are not here to make your choice for you, but we are here to offer you guidance, informative advice and provide you with details regarding Apprenticeships within your chosen location.

At Career Map we are dedicated to helping school leavers, or those seeking a new role in life, find something right for them. We have close connections with training providers, businesses, universities and colleges, and we have a huge list of college courses, Apprenticeships and job vacancies from across the entire breadth of the UK. We believe in keeping our customers in touch with new openings; which is why we constantly update our listings and openings.

To make things simple for you we have created our very own unique ‘pin’ system which allows you to find Apprenticeships much more efficiently that simply just listings. The pin system allows you simply input your postcode or chosen location, and you will then be presented with a variety of coloured pins. The pins are coloured by their identity – for example all university courses are coloured in green for example, and you can also browse through our ‘what do the pins mean’ section to understand exactly what each colour represents.

If you are looking for Apprenticeships in London, or anywhere across the UK for that matter, Career Map is here to help. Our connections and our resources allow us to provide you with a wealth of information from companies across the UK, so there really is no reason to look elsewhere.

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