Apprenticeships in Nottingham

Nottingham is a vibrant city, with an eclectic mix of communities, industries, businesses and retail. It’s also a growing city, which is great if you are looking for an apprenticeship because people are constantly looking to train up new staff.

Nottingham University is home to thousands of students every year, and it is also one of the city’s big employers. Running a facility as big as the Nottingham campus requires an army of staff to maintain it, from groundskeepers and electricians to office staff, receptionists and IT managers. The University of Nottingham is so large that it requires a significant turnover of new staff and trainees to keep it functioning smoothly.

The town centre is a hubbub of coffee shops and cafes, independent business and modern department stores. It is a brilliant place to look for an apprenticeship in retail, especially during the summer period when the shops are preparing for the flood of students and tourists that the new term brings. Nottingham City Council positively encourages apprenticeship schemes in local businesses, and especially in the town centre as it attracts so much tourism.

Nottingham is also an ideal location for startup businesses, as the city is not to large as to be difficult to navigate when you need to meet up with clients or suppliers, it is the ideal size to support new businesses which need to reach a large audience very quickly. As such, startup companies in Nottingham often grow very quickly within the first couple of years and we are constantly asked to present candidates for apprenticeships and internships to help the businesses grow faster.

Being fairly centrally located in the UK, Nottingham is an ideal place for marketing companies, as they often need to travel to meet both current and prospective clients, and so the opportunity to find a marketing apprenticeship in Nottingham is one of the best in the country.

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