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Arch Apprenticeships: All you need to know

Arch Apprenticeships are a great way to kick-start your career into the working world. Arch deliver world class training through academic study where you will also work towards an industry specific qualification as well as on the job practical training with your employers who will assist in you gaining skills and experience.

What type of Arch Apprenticeships can I do?

You can do a broad range of Apprenticeships with Arch from digital, media, finance and more. Let’s look at a small handful of Apprenticeship roles you could be doing with Arch:

Data – This is such an exciting industry to be a part of as it’s one of the most rapid growing industries. Through this Apprenticeship you’ll develop skills ranging from problem solving to analytical skills, data interpretation and the ability to put your skills to good use at any company.  Roles include data analyst, business analyst and data scientist.

Digital and Media – An Apprenticeship in digital marketing could include roles such as digital marketer, media coordinator, social media executive and online marketing executive. With this role you’ll put customers at the heart of what you do. You need the ability to build good relationships with the target audience. Through this Apprenticeship you’ll gain a broad range of skills such as email and content marketing, Google Adwords, search engine marketing, social media marketing, reporting and digital analytics.

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As a junior content producer, you’ll be responsible for developing and creating interesting content to target a specific audience. Through this Apprenticeship you’ll develop your writing skills, content planning and development, capture and edit video content. Roles within this Apprenticeship can include content creator or producer, videographer, content writing and social media blogging.

IT – IT Apprenticeships spread across a broad range. If you’re doing an IT Infrastructure Apprenticeship you’ll repair and maintain IT systems such as hardware and software, cloud services and system security. You could be working in roles such as infrastructure technician, technical support engineer, IT support engineer.

You could also do an IT Network Engineer Apprenticeship, this will involve designing, installing, maintaining and supporting networks, network security and computer and network infrastructure. Roles could include IT support engineer, network engineer, IT service desk analyst.

Another type of IT Apprenticeship that Arch Apprenticeships offer is a web developer. Web developers design and develop websites, come up with e-commerce solutions and use their creative thinking. You could be working as a web designer, web developer or IT technician.

You could also do a software developer Apprenticeship. You could be a web developer, application developer, games developer or a software developer. Through this Apprenticeship you’ll become proficient in the planning, building, designing, testing and maintenance of software and technology solutions.

HR and Leadership – A digital leadership Apprenticeship will allow you to gain managerial and leadership skills, customer service experience, commercial awareness, planning and performance managements in roles such as operation manager, divisional manager and specialist manager.

Another Apprenticeship you can do is a HR Consultant. As a HR Consultant you’ll use your HR knowledge and apply it to HR solutions, contribute to projects and deliver business advice. For those who don’t have as much knowledge in HR a HR Support Apprenticeship would be the perfect starting point for you to help develop your knowledge and skills as a HR assistant, HR Advisor or HR Administrator.

Finance – An accounting technician Apprenticeship will enable you to gain skills in creating, verifying and reviewing financial information to give advice to businesses. You could work as an assistant auditor, accounts payable, business and personal tax assistant, bookkeeping and many more roles.

If you’re not quite ready for the accounting technician Apprenticeship, then an assistant accountant level 3 Apprenticeship could be just what you’re looking for. This Apprenticeship will teach you how to record and analyse financial data and how to use accounting software.

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