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The benefits of going to an open day

Going to an open day is extremely beneficial if you’re applying to university, college, sixth form or an Apprenticeship the next academic year. Being able to get a sense of the company, training provider, sixth form, college and university is invaluable and can affect your choices entirely.

What are the benefits of going to an open day?

If applying for a university, sixth form or college course open days can highlight the subtle differences between the course you’re applying for enabling you to make a well informed decision. Taking notes is always a good thing to do as you’ll have so much information available to you at an open day it can be difficult to memorise everything.

Additionally, you’ll be able to get a feel of the university, sixth and college you’re considering going to and can find out about whether they offer any extra curricular activities as these always come handy when trying to boost your CV. Open days are also a fantastic opportunity to ask any queries you may have regarding the university, college, sixth form, student accommodation, facilities, subject content and life there in general. Some open days give you the chance to talk to students and their experiences, grab this opportunity with both hands.

If you’re attending a university open day then ask whether the accommodation is on campus. If it’s not, you’ll need to enquire as to how long it will take you to get there and decide if the extra journey is something you need to take into consideration.

Watch this clip for some top tips from the University of Oxford:

If you’re looking to start an Apprenticeship, then attending an open day is likewise beneficial. This is your chance to discuss with training providers and employers what type of Apprenticeships they offer, what the subject content involves and ask questions about what the companies missions are, what they do, how many employees they have working there and just get a feel of what you could expect.

Apprenticeship open days will involve talks so you understand the subject content, what opportunities are available and how you can apply should you find the dream role and company for you. You’ll also be able to speak to current apprentices about their experiences.

Open days

Open days can be quite hectic, write a few questions down before you attend the event of what you want to ask and plan your day, so you get to do everything you need to. Remember, some open days require you reserve your place to attend to do your research and have a fantastic day.

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