Building Apprenticeships in London

Building Apprenticeships in London could be a great foundation for a successful career in the construction industry. It’s a multi billion pound industry with over 2 million being employed in the UK alone.

So could you be the Bob or Wendy of the building Apprenticeships in London?

About Building Apprenticeships in London

There are so many opportunities when it comes down to Apprenticeships in London, especially in the building industry. An excessive population growth in London causes for new houses and offices and it doesn’t stop there as a continual population surge is expected for London, this all means more workers are required for the building trade and what better way than to introduce apprentices to this trade, where they can learn a specific skill set and can shape the future of the industry in London.

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What is a building Apprenticeship?

First of all, ask yourself; are you physically fit and responsible? If you answered with a big YES you’ll already be considered as the perfect candidate. Builders have to be willing to comply with all health and safety regulations. Building can involve the moving heavy items hence the reason for being physically fit and it might also mean coming into contact with hazardous materials such as asbestos, so you need to be very careful.

Here is a list of some of the things you may be doing:

  • Prepping and cleaning the construction areas
  • Delivering and distributing supplies (expect some heavy lifting)
  • Assisting workers with equipment
  • Helping with building tasks
  • Assembling and disassembling scaffolding
  • Learning new skills from experienced builders

What about the perks?

Think about the variety. One day you could be building a member of the public’s dream home, the next day building 13 story offices and the next working on a statement model such as the London Shard.

The challenges?

Don’t think being a builder is all about drinking tea and wolf-whistling at people. You’ll be aiming to change that image. The work can be very physically demanding at times and challenging. You’ll need strength and stamina as well as knowing you’re working in all types of weather conditions.

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As a building Apprentice, you’ll work towards completing either Intermediate (Level 2) or Advanced (Level 3) in construction building. So I bet you’re wondering what’s next? Upon completion, you could progress to Higher Apprenticeships in the building industry and with experience, you could be acting in a managerial role.

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