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Business and Administrative Apprenticeships – Nothing works without it. You’re the oil in the machine.

As a Business and Administrative Apprentice, you’ll be the backbone of the company, every operation needs skilled administrators in order to succeed. Armed with the versatility surrounded by the business sector, you can potentially launch a career in any industry. This means you could work anywhere from the music industry to construction to the education industry in a business and administrative role, it really does open a door full of opportunities.

Business and Administrative Apprenticeships

Business and Administrative Apprenticeships Skills

A business and administrative role would suit those with motivated, organised personalities. If these attributes fit you then you will thrive in a business with dynamic environments.

You’ll need to have good communication skills, as you’ll need to liaise with clients either in person or over the phone. You’ll also need to be a good listener to answer questions and concerns along with excellent written communications as most business and administrative roles will require you to write reports and emails or material for the companies website.

Technology skills are equally as important however when starting out in the industry your employers will teach you, you’ll just need to know the basics such as being able to switch a computer on or off. You could be taught a range of techniques such as Microsoft, WordPress, Scheduling Programmes, faxes, scanners and printers.

Typical job roles within the business and administrative industry to name a few include:

  • Human Resources,
  • Office Manager,
  • Administrative Officer,
  • Clerk,
  • Housing Officer,
  • Marketing Officer,
  • Secretary

The good news!!!

The good news about business and administrative roles are that the skills you are taught in one industry are transferable to pretty much any other industry.


Daily responsibilities in the business industry will include the following:

  1. Filing, Printing, Scanning, Faxing,
  2. Sorting post,
  3. Use of IT products such as Microsoft, WordPress ect,
  4. Answering telephone calls,
  5. Communication skills – welcoming customers, emailing,
  6. Updating social media pages,
  7. Invoicing,
  8. Ordering Stationary,
  9. Providing office support,
  10. Using spreadsheets to track expenses and company spending,
  11. Learning about the companies mission, products and services,
  12. Taking meeting minutes

Business and Administrative Apprenticeships

‘Keeping the business in the black’. What does this mean? This basically means you’ll be assisting to ensure the company is profitable. In banking terms, if an account is in the back it means it has money in it. It might seem pretty obvious but this is an essential for a successful company.

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