Careermag is going strong – move aside COVID-19

Welcome to Careermag for Parents. Despite the current pandemic, we are committed to providing you with quality, independent information on careers and qualifications. We want you to have all the information you need to support your teenager in these unprecedented times.

We feel for all you parents and guardians who have been doing your best to make sure you youngsters have the best education during lockdown and school closures. As we approach summer, many of you will be wondering what the future holds. Try not to panic and think about the longer game. 

Now is a good time to get thinking about careers of the future and how to get them. In this issue we look at business careers and those in health and social care. Both will have strong opportunities going forward, now and in the future, as the UK begins to kick start the economy. 

Rachel Johnson, Director of PiXL, has these encouraging words to say:

‘I want to say an enormous well done to parents who have had to navigate the challenge of supervising children at home and the demands of work. The last few months have been difficult for many of us but we have also seen some amazing attitudes from young people. We know how well they adjust, how determined they can be and how they can find different ways of entertaining themselves. I have heard stories of young people helping others, volunteering, doing the shopping for neighbours or investing in themselves by doing extra work, taking online courses or by completing as much school work as they can. I know there is some concern about the amount of work that students have to catch up. Remember that teachers know how to meet young people where they are at and take them where they need to be. With your support at home and the school working hard to get them where they need to be, your child will be able to thrive at school again.’

We hope you will find inspiration from this edition of Careermag for Parents. You can also find a library of useful videos from employers at CareermapLive.

Keep safe and well!

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