Carpentry Apprenticeships

Carpentry Apprenticeships: What you need to know

Carpentry Apprenticeships are an excellent platform for those looking to enter the world of work and earn as you learn. If you’re wanting to learn a trade and gain the qualifications to match, then a carpentry Apprenticeship could be just what you’re looking for.

What do carpentry Apprenticeships involve?

Carpentry Apprenticeships combine academic study with practical on the job training allowing you to gain highly sought skills, essential work experience and industry specific qualifications.

Apprenticeships are an excellent alternative to university and are sought by employers as they have the experience and qualifications needed to forge a career in the industry they have trained within. If full time study isn’t for you then maybe an Apprenticeship is just what you’re looking for.

There are a wide range of roles within carpentry, let’s look at what you could be doing:

Bench Joiners – Bench joiners are normally based within a workshop preparing and shaping materials to size while operating machinery and maintaining safety standards.

Site Carpenters – Site carpenters are based on site and fit a range of materials such as floorboards, staircases, skirting boards, window frames, doors, shelving and handles/locks.

Formwork Carpenters – Formwork carpenters create moulds for concrete structures, this can include concrete motorway pillars, car parks, staircases, bridges and shapes concrete until it sets.

Shopfitters – Shop fitters can be working on a range of products such as exterior doors and interior products for restaurants, banks, schools, hotels, hospitals and more.

Furniture Carpenters – Furniture carpenters build and repair furniture such as chairs, tables, draws, desks and more.

Skills for carpentry Apprenticeships

Carpentry Apprenticeships will equip you with a wide range of skills you’ll build up your physical stamina, critical thinking skills, communication and hands on skills. Your key duties as a carpenter may include the following:

  • Use hand tools such as chisels, planes etc.
  • Cut basic joints
  • Cut and fit materials to size
  • Fit a door into a lining/frame
  • Fit a Lock
  • Stack and store materials
  • Ensure health and safety regulations are always being met

Carpentry Apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Standards

Apprenticeship frameworks are being change to standards. Apprenticeship standards test the competencies of the apprentice and ensure employer needs are being met. Here is a list of the current Apprenticeship standards ready for delivery:

Carpentry and Joinery – Level 2 & 3

Still undergoing developments are the following standards:

Heritage Carpenter and Joiner

Applying for carpentry Apprenticeships

To apply for a carpentry Apprenticeship, you can search Careermap to find a wide range of vacancies. Can’t find an Apprenticeship near you? Simply register your CV online to be found by top carpentry employers and training providers.


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