Chef Apprenticeships In The Lake District

A recipe has no soul, you as the chef must bring soul to the recipe. There are only so many ingredients, it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.

As a Chef Apprentice you should have a passion for cooking, you should truly love what you do. Being involved, learning first hand and observing the skills whilst absorbing all you can will ultimately make you a better Chef.

As an Apprentice Chef in The Lake District you will be learning in a fast paced environment; especially during the summer months when you have people from all over the UK visiting the beautiful sites The Lake District have to offer. With aesthetically pleasing scenery like this who can blame them?

There are many camp sites also which means you will get a lot of unexpected walk ins so you should be prepared for non stop, busy shifts and unsociable hours.

We eat with our eyes first, so presentation is a must. Gordon Ramsay once said, ‘There’s a bond among kitchen staff, I think. You spend more time with your chef in the kitchen than you do with your own family.’ Working in a kitchen means you will quickly establish strong bonds with the people you work with. It’s important you’re able to work together if you want to be a great chef. Successful kitchens happen because each member of the kitchen staff can work together effectively.

As a Chef Apprentice, your daily duties will involve:

• Learning different procedures of food preparation

• Preparing ingredients for dishes ensuring the recipes are followed properly

• Ensuring sure that food supplies are stored properly and used resourcefully

• Ensuring that food items are properly rotated in refrigerators and any near expiry ones are dealt with according to the restaurant’s policies

• Helping chefs in cooking activities by providing input and managing work

• Handling portion control requirements and presentation standards

• Arranging food items aesthetically on serving plates

• Ensuring that best food practices and kitchen hygiene protocols are adhered to

• Assisting the chef in developing menus

• Assisting in checking food deliveries for both quantity and quality standards

• Maintaining a “clean as you go” work ethic

The kitchen speaks its own language, mostly made up of swearing but amid that wisdom is implemented by chefs to educate, motivate, and gently berate their team.

Don’t be afraid to take whisks.

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