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Creative, Digital and Media Apprenticeships – We’re here to help you prepare.

Taking the first step

As with any career taking the first steps can be daunting, the creative and design industry is no different. One thing that employers value above everything else is enthusiasm. You need to love being creative and show it.

About the Creative, Digital and Media Industry

The creative, digital and media industry is such a broad area, which makes it difficult to know how to stand out from the crowd and where to get started. To help, we’ve answered some of the questions that might be whirling around in your head right now.

What type of creative, digital and media Apprenticeships are available?

Young people in the creative and design industry are in high demand as it is the fastest growing sector within the UK. With a vast amount of opportunists in this sector for apprentices you could work in any of the following:

  1. Advertising,
  2. Costume and wardrobe,
  3. Graphic design, fashion and textiles,
  4. Jewellery,
  5. Music business,
  6. Theatre,
  7. Metalworkers,
  8. Lighting and sound technicians,
  9. Photography,
  10. Digital Marketing,
  11. Game Programmers,
  12. Journalist.

Creative, Digital and Media Apprenticeships

What skills will I need?

Skills will all depend on which route you decide to take in the creative and design industry. To keep strong and fresh the following skill sets are instrumental to competitiveness in the current climate:

1. Focus on clients, customers, audiences, and participants – This is a necessity to ensuring you meet the deadline.

2. Ability to communicate – You’ll need to meet and exceed clients expectations so communicating is crucial to your success. You’ll also need to communicate with your team members to know what you need to do and to gain central importance of creativity for business success.

3. Imagination – This is the most crucial factor, the ability to use your imagination will lead you to creative designs and that’s what the industry is all about.


We advise you to get on all social media site to build a client base, you can also get feedback on your work. So what are you waiting for head over to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (don’t forget to give us a follow while you’re at it). LinkedIn is a powerful tool built to enhance your online professional presence and allow you to connect with relevant people in your industry area.

Creative, Digital and Media Apprenticeships

I’ve got an interview, now what?

So, you’ve secured an interview. Well done!!! Now it’s time to gather your bits and pieces and create a portfolio. This is something you can show to the interviewer of your work so you can really impress.

Creative, Digital and Media Apprenticeships

You also know the skill set required of you to work within the creative, digital and media industry so now it’s your time to shine, you need to find examples of where you have done this, it could be as simple as meeting deadlines at school when completing homework or coursework. You might not have any prior work experience but you can still find examples.


Imagination is at the beginning of your creativity so remember to be imaginative and stand out from the crowd.

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