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Interests and speculation about degree Apprenticeships are reaching a peak. But why are degree Apprenticeships the future? The Government wants more of them. It’s as simple as that.

Let’s look at the facts

Do you associate Apprenticeships with 16 year olds just leaving school? You might want to think again. First of all, degree Apprenticeships fill the gap between advanced apprenticeships and university by creating an opportunity which allows a student to progress within an organisation all while studying for a degree in a number of different industries.

Why is this a more attractive option than the typical University route?

In short, this is a more attractive route as you avoid the cloud of debt hanging over you. Tuition fees are on the rise so why not take the degree Apprenticeship option; this way you can avoid debt, earn a wage and gain experience in your chosen discipline. It’s a BONUS all round, like the feeling you get when the pizza delivery man arrives in under 20 minutes.

Where do Universities fit into this?

Universities are keeping up with the times. Universities across the UK are planning to implement or already have degree Apprenticeships available for the academic year. These degree Apprenticeships cover a wealth of job roles from accounting to construction manager to PR or even becoming a fully fledged solicitor.

What qualifications do I need?

There are no formal qualifications set for a degree Apprenticeship, they vary from employer to employer. Make sure you do your research on the courses you’re interested in so you know what’s required from you.

degree apprenticeships

Now you know what a degree Apprenticeship is, but is it right for you?

Don’t choose an Apprenticeship because you think it’s the easy route. You’ll be facing a challenging job where you’ll be expected to achieve academically and at work. This means you’ll need to find ways to balance your workload and social life, from working a typical 8/9 hours per day and then also having to complete assignments towards your qualification.

Get ready for the brilliant news

Degree apprentices DON’T pay tuition fees. So you can start putting your money back into your piggy bank. If you like the idea of graduating in your cap and gown then a degree Apprenticeship could be the answer you’ve been looking for as you’ll do exactly that!

degree apprenticeships

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