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Dental Nurse Apprenticeships Available

There’s one vital question to ask yourself when deciding to begin your journey on a dental nurse Apprenticeship, and that’s can you handle it? Seriously, it’s not all pearly whites and smiles you might see some pretty serious displays of poor oral hygiene. You might also want to avoid becoming a dental nurse if you can’t stand the sight of other people’s mouths.

About Dental Nurse Apprenticeships

This Apprenticeship is a level 3 (advanced) combining further studies with on the job experience within a dental environment. A dental nurse works closely with a qualified dentist or oral surgeon, ensuring dental sessions run as smoothly as possible. You’ll need to be both caring and compassionate as the dentist isn’t everyone’s favourite place.

Dental Nurse Apprenticeships

Your day to day duties as a dental nurse could include:

  • Building relationships with patients so they are as relaxed as possible
  • Making sure all equipment is sterilised and ready before procedures and treatments
  • Helping reassure patients
  • Processing Labs requests, X-rays
  • Carrying stock control duties
  • Calculating treatment costs and explaining them to patient as well as assisting with reception duties upon busy periods and managing patients appointments

Progression Routes

Oral health is a top priority in today’s society and healthy teeth and gums are considered as a basic right, this means that there are plenty of progression routes within this industry.

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