Euan Wilcox: Chartered Business Management Degree Apprentice

Euan Wilcox: Chartered Business Management Degree Apprentice

What is your current job role?

Service Designer on the Chartered Business Management Degree Apprentice Scheme.

What made you decide to come to IBM as a school leaver?

I wanted to push myself further than the traditional route of higher education of university alone. I conducted research into degree apprenticeships, looking for a company that would best allow me to grow and gain responsibility at a young age. IBM’s degree apprenticeship scheme seemed like the perfect scheme –the reviews, experiences of current apprentices, etc. heightened my interest! Since joining, my experience has far surpassed my expectations, the amount of responsibility I have gained at 19 years old is unbelievable, it is the best decision I have ever made!

What hints or tips would you pass to those who are interested in applying to IBM as a school leaver?

  1. Research – ensure you try and best understand the type of work we complete and what your role would entail to sound as confident and coherent as possible during your application!
  2. Form a network with people who are on the scheme you want to apply to at IBM through LinkedIn! Reach out and ask questions, every person who works for IBM is more than happy to help and will answer any questions or queries you have!
  3. Develop your skills, if you’re aware of the role/scheme you want to apply to – develop the skills which are needed/usually applicable for it! Showing this initiative will impress those who are carrying out the decisions related to your application!
  4. Be yourself, unapologetically!

What’s the best thing about your current role?

The variety! I’m working on one account across all their opportunities/projects rather than a single project, this allows me to engage with a range of people and develop my skillset in multiple areas!

What support was available to you when starting at IBM?

I began my role virtually but did and still do feel 100% supported which is a testament to IBM! Most notably, you are assigned a ‘Foundation Manager’ who will focus more on your wellbeing and provide pastoral which care which is extremely useful and ensures you always feel supported.

What’s the best thing about being at IBM?

The people. No other large organisation has the culture like IBM does, you can speak to anyone within the organisation and will always receive some level of help and guidance.

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