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At the Army, we see potential – and then we unlock it. If you’ve got the potential, we’ve got the tools to help set you on a clear path for promotion and progression. We’re one of the world’s greatest fighting forces – and largest employers too. With hundreds of roles and a range of bursaries to help you through your university years, becoming an Army Officer could be your perfect way to get ahead. 

As an Army Officer, you’ll push yourself and your team further than you thought possible. At the centre of every unforgettable adventure, you’ll be there, building trust and inspiring achievement. Always taking the first step. Making the tough calls. Keeping heads up and hope strong. Being a leader isn’t always easy, but, at the British Army, it’s worth it. 

We believe in equipping our officers with every tool they need to succeed. That’s why we offer a range of bursaries, covering Standard, Technical, Enhanced undergraduate and Medical courses, to prospective officers from all over the country. 

“Having a bursary gave me so much more freedom to do things at university that I wanted to do and you’ve got an actual career lined up after graduation so you don’t have to worry about that whilst you’re studying.”  

Ellie, Officer Cadet at the Royal Military College Sandhurst

Financial freedom. Stability and support. Hundreds of our officers have already benefitted from an Army Officer bursary, whether it’s given them the freedom to travel, the opportunity to challenge themselves and try new things, or to focus on their studies. 

A bursary can help you get closer to where you want to go. Find out if you meet the eligibility criteria and more details on how to apply here.

Your Army needs leaders. Your Army needs you.

Find where you belong. 

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