Gordon Ramsay Hospitality Apprenticeships

Could you be the next Gordon Ramsay?

Who doesn’t like to eat out from time to time? Whether it be a romantic meal with your loved one, a business lunch or a quick bite to eat in a motorway service station, a team of people will have put huge effort into preparing your meal.

Very often these individuals will have undertaken some form of catering and chef apprenticeship. There are two types of catering apprenticeship.

  1. Intermediate Apprenticeship – this will enable you to train for a role such as a school cook or chef or a kitchen assistant. It may even enable you to take on a specialist role such as an Indian cuisine cook or chef or a Thai cuisine stir fry specialist.
  2. Advanced Level Apprenticeship – this will enable you to work at a more senior level. You could be a sous chef or senior chef. If you desire is to work somewhere like a gastro pub or a hotel, the advanced level would be the correct apprenticeship to aim for.

As with all apprenticeships, you will, at the very least, receive the minimum wage of £2.73 if you are aged 16-18 or are 19 or over and in your first year as an apprenticeship. Some employers do pay more than this and you would also receive a paid holiday entitlement.

Where can you work once you have finished your apprenticeship? The answer is pretty much anywhere! Wherever there are hotels or pubs, restaurants or cafes there will be a need for trained, experienced catering personnel.

A quick glance at the Careermap website shows there are apprenticeships in York, London and the West Country. This isn’t too surprising as these are all regions with big tourist industries so there tend to be more hotels and restaurants etc.

If you’re into cooking and fancy yourself as the next Gordon Ramsay, why not find out more about catering and professional chef apprenticeships?

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