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Intelligence Analysis Apprenticeships

Intelligence without Ambition is like a Bird without Wings

An Intelligence Analysis apprenticeship allows candidates to study a programme that is entirely specific to their role. Previously, candidates were only able to join mainstream Business Administration or IT programmes, however they can now achieve a qualification which is both relevant and highly prestigious. What’s more, the qualification offers parity with analysts working at the highest levels of military intelligence operations.

The role will involve gathering and collating data from a wide range of sources – both human and electronic – in order to provide analysis to those involved in high level strategic and tactical decision making.

An Intelligence Analysis Apprenticeship covers a wide range of sectors and is relevant to the following departments:

1. Banking and financial services organisations

2. Council Counter Fraud and Tax Collection departments

3. Energy and utility companies, such as the water, power, waste management and process, chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors

4. HM Forces – Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy

5. HM Revenue & Customs

6. Insurance and debt recovery companies

7. Intelligence Agencies

8. IT organisations dealing with cyber threats

9. Police Forces

10. Serious Fraud Office

11. UK Visa and Immigration Services

Having access to high quality business intelligence enables organisations to make tactical and strategic management decisions so they can adapt quickly to a changing environment or scenario.

Intelligence and Data Analyst Development MI5 Graduate Scheme

The Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Intelligence Analysis is a new programme which enables learners to study a qualification tailored specifically to their job and which takes in everything from fraud prevention to the analysis of information before making strategic decisions. During this Apprenticeship, you will learn how to collect data from a variety of sources, analyse data to identify patterns and trends, form assessments based on analysis, create intelligence reports, statistical analysis products and intelligence-based presentations. The Level 4 qualification is the highest level vocational qualification available to those working within intelligence and data analysis roles in the UK. It is specifically designed for individuals who are looking to achieve a nationally recognised qualification to prove their competence in high level data and intelligence analysis.

Knowledge is having the right answer. Intelligence is asking the right question.

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