28/11/2018 Royal Air Force Nationalwide

Air Operations Support- Air Operations (Control) Sergeant

  • Sector: i t telecoms, transport logistics
  • Location: Nationwide
  • Salary: 15.000-30.000
Air Operations Support- Air Operations (Control) Sergeant

This listing has expired

Do you want to work at the frontline of the RAF; helping with the slick running of military airfields, overseas operations and radar control? As an Air Operations (Control) Sergeant, you will become part of an elite team; coordinating fighter jets, controlling the battlespace to support missions at home and overseas.

Working as the backbone of a squadron, you will learn how to coordinate air traffic to and from military bases. You will be in the midst of the action as part of the team who can order Typhon jets to scramble at a moment’s notice to intercept suspect aircraft. You can do all of this and receive world-class training in the defence of airspace control.

Find out more and apply for a role as an RAF Air Operations (Control) Sergeant.

Be aged 17.5-40
5 GCSEs (must include Maths & English Language, grade C or above)
UK citizen or dual/UK holder
Health requirements: BMI and Eye sight checks
Fitness requirements: 2.4Km run, Multi-stage fitness test, Press-up & Sit-ups

During Phase 1 Training = £15K+ (plus benefits)
Upon completion of NCACITC = £30K+ (plus benefits)
Upon completion of Specialist Training = £37K+ (plus benefits)

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