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GBP 5,772-8,840

Apprentice Nursery Assistant

  • Sector: health social care
  • Location: Essex
  • Salary: 5,772-8,840
  • Level: Childcare Apprenticeship Level 2
Apprentice Nursery Assistant

This listing has expired

Opportunity description

Key duties:

  • To assist with the planning of the curriculum by providing safe, creative and appropriate educational opportunities for all children within an inclusive environment, preparing activities, organising programmes and arranging equipment
  • Keyperson to a group of children, liaising closely with parents/carers to ensure individual needs are met, and to be responsible for observations and record keeping relating to the progress and development of key children
  • To ensure that activities are carried out in a safe and responsible manner in accordance with statutory responsibilities, and to advise the pre-school manager of any concerns over children, equipment etc.
  • To follow all pre-school policies, including those regarding safeguarding, inclusion and confidentiality
  • Pre-school offers the highest standards of physical and emotional care, health and safety, and personal and food hygiene at all times
  • Working creatively with children within the EY framework, as instructed by pre-school Manager.
  • Daily interaction with children to provide range of stimulating activities to promote all areas of learning
  • Ensuring all children have equal access to opportunities to learn and develop
  • Working with range of people including preschool staff, visiting professionals and agencies, parents, children and families, and visitors and student placements
  • Significant elements of inside and outside work, including leading outdoor learning.
  • Understanding and being able to implement inclusive practices into the setting, to ensure all children have the opportunity to learn, interact and fulfil their potential
  • Working with the pre-school manager to establish an appropriate safe and secure learning environment.
  • Promoting positive values, attitudes and good child behaviour, dealing promptly with conflict and incidents in line with established policy and encouraging children to take responsibility for their own behaviour
  • Having a positive approach to continuous professional development

The successful applicant will have:

  • Must have a level 2 in childcare
  • Excellent organisation skills and time-management
  • Enthusiastic and Hardworking
  • DBS required
  • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
  • Experience of childcare and a real want to progress in this career
  • Their GCSE Maths and English grades 4 /C or equivalent

To apply all you need to do is click Find out more and make sure your CV is attached and you include a brief cover letter that explains why you’re interested in this role and why you make the best person for the job!

Please note that YMCA Training is acting as a recruitment partner in this process and you are not required to contact the business directly. If you have any questions or would like some information about this or any other apprenticeships advertised here please get in touch with

Best of luck!

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