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Army Officer

  • Salary: 18,800
02/08/2017 Army Apprenticeships

Army Officer

  • Sector: business admin law, construction, creative digital media, customer service, energy renewables, engineering, graduate opportunities, hair beauty, health social care, hospitality travel, i t telecoms, landbased environmental, manufacturing, motor vehicle, retail, sport fitness, transport logistics
  • Salary: 18,800
Army Officer
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Get paid and get qualified with an apprenticeship through the Army.

Learn a trade. Build a career. Make mates for life. The Army’s apprenticeship programme gives all new soldiers the chance to work whilst learning skills for life and earning around £18,800.

As the UK’s largest apprenticeship employer provider, we have lots of different apprenticeships in a range of trades and skills, including but not limited to:

– Plumbing
– Bricklaying
– Carpentry
– Chef
– Driving
– Business Administration
– Engineering

Your apprenticeship will be planned to fit around your military training. That means as well as becoming a soldier in the British Army, you’ll also be working towards a qualification valued by employers outside of the Army.

You’ll enjoy a salary of around £18,800, plus a range of other benefits: including 38 days’ paid leave, subsidised food and accommodation, gym and sports facilities and free medical and dental care.

You’ll never stop learning new skills, earning new qualifications, seeing new places and making new friends in the Army. From pursuing your favourite sports to taking part in Adventurous Training across the world, if you’re looking for a career that takes you places, discover the Army apprenticeship programme.

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