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GBP 7503

Boatbuilding Apprentice (Id:102047)

  • Sector: retail
  • Location: Chichester
  • Salary: 7503
  • Level: 3
Boatbuilding Apprentice (Id:102047)

This listing has expired

Employer: Nautech Composites

Location: Chichester

Wage: £144.30 Per Week

Hours: 37.00 Per Week

Vacancy Description

Excellent training and career opportunity to become a fully qualified boatbuilder.

Within the role of Boatbuilding Apprentice you will have a diverse range of tasks to complete, such as:

  • Prepare the work area
  • Maintain safe, clean and efficient work methods and environments
  • Identify and minimise hazards and risks in the workplace
  • Select, use, maintain and store equipment, tools and materials
  • Follow and maintain work procedures, method statements and production records
  • Make the most efficient and effective use of resources, time and material
  • You will understand the characteristics and reaction of materials to their environment e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure
  • Use Safe and efficient methods of use, maintenance, movement, protection and storage of materials

You will interpret engineering drawings and understand boatbuilding terminology

  • Make, produce and use jigs and templates as required
  • Set up tools and machinery
  • Understand the Vessel design and construction, complex shapes and the applications of geometry
  • Manufacture and assemble/ disassemble and repair components
  • Manufacture or repair components to the required specification
  • Move components using the appropriate safe methods
  • Check components for robustness, fit and tolerances
  • Analyse problems with machinery, equipment,
  • Tools and material, proposing/implementing solutions where appropriate
  • Move, shape and manipulate components to achieve best fit
  • Select and use appropriate methods for holding materials and components in place during assembly, and for the connecting, fixing and assembly of materials and components
  • Safeguard materials and components during assembly
  • Select suitable methods of repair that are effective and maintain original construction
  • Select suitable methods for fault finding and analysis
  • Make repairs whilst safeguarding the integrity of components and the surrounding area
  • Identify, mark, store and organise dismantled parts for reassembly
  • Use Fault finding techniques
  • Use a range of new and traditional techniques for boatbuilding
  • Determine the order and work methods
  • Install and fix components using the most appropriate method and material
  • Ensure that joins are suitably made and treated
  • Position and fit items
  • Finalise fit out for deck hardware
  • The options for connecting similar and dissimilar materials
  • Types and uses of deck hardware and the forces applied
  • Understanding service and maintenance requirements
  • Check joins are sealed and fit for purpose
  • Prepare surfaces, treat suitably and ensure are free from defects and protected
  • Types and uses of deck hardware and the forces applied
  • The options for fixing components in place
  • Understanding service and maintenance requirements
  • Contribute to the commissioning of the boat as required
  • Assemble required documentation
  • Brief recipients verbally with necessary documentation

Qualifications Required

GCSE’s passes are preferred but not essential as Functional Skills in Maths and English will be completed.

Skills Required

  • Excellent communication skills

48 months

Training Provided

PARAGON SKILLS have the ENERGY & EXPERIENCE to give you the EDGE in kick starting your career. Our Learning and Development Coaches will deliver outstanding teaching and learning to help ENERGISE you to complete your apprenticeship training and leave you confident to EXECUTE tasks to the highest standard.

Paragon will provide the training for this apprenticeship within your company’s site therefore there is no need for you to attend an outside training facility at any time.f

On completion of this apprenticeship you will receive:

?Diploma Level 3 in Marine & Maritime Operations

?Functional Skills in Maths, English & ICT Employment (if required)

?Rights & Responsibilities

?Personal Learning & Thinking Skills.

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