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Boost your confidence with Team

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Boost your confidence with Team

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If you’re unemployed and between 16 and 25, you can meet new people, gain new skills and train on our Team programme.

How it works
Join Team, our 12-week personal development programme, for the chance to gain new skills, take a qualification and meet new people.

When you come on board, you’ll be challenged to:

Take on your own group community project, making a positive difference to the place where you live
Take part in an action packed residential trip
Get two weeks’ work experience in something you’re interested in
Develop your English and Maths skills
As part of the course, we also spend some time developing your interview and CV skills to ensure your confidence is sky-high for when taking the next step.

Not sure whether to dive right in?
It’s completely free and won’t affect your Jobseeker’s Allowance.

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