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Dementia Care Level 2

  • Sector: courses, health social care
  • Level: 2
Dementia Care Level 2

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Sign up to our free online course Dementia Care Level 2 course to discover the key principles in supporting and caring for individuals with dementia. You will also learn the appropriate methods in how to actively assist individuals with the condition.



Sign up now to:

• Learn about factors that contribute to effective dementia care

• Gain a practical insight into effective social and medical treatment

• Understand more about the benefits of a person-centred approach

• Discover how interaction and active engagement provides relief for individuals with dementia

Our Dementia Care course allows you to work at your own pace in your own time so fit flexible online study into your life and gain a nationally accredited qualification highly valued by UK employers.

All our courses are funded by the Government’s Skills Funding Agency (SFA). The SFA will fund your study places if you are:

• Aged 19 or over

• Resident of England

• UK or EU resident of three years or longer or able to provide proof that you have settled status in the



UK if you are not a UK or EU national

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