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Diabetes Care Level 2

  • Sector: courses, health social care, healthcare
  • Level: 2
Diabetes Care Level 2

This listing has expired

To understand more about this widespread condition, sign up for our free online course Diabetes Care Level 2. Sign up now and see that this 11-week nationally accredited qualification lets you:

• Discover more about the biology diabetic requirements, reactions and symptoms

• Equip yourself with invaluable knowledge to increase your awareness of different types of diabetes

• Learn vital skills to help people manage their diabetes

Our Diabetes Care course allows you to work at your own pace, in your own time and plus what’s more, it’s free.

All our courses are funded by the Government’s Skills Funding Agency (SFA) who will fund your study if you are aged 19 years or older, a UK or EU resident of three years or longer or able to provide proof that you have settled status in the UK, or EU national

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