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Digital Marketing Diploma

23/06/2017 New skills academy

Digital Marketing Diploma

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Digital Marketing Diploma
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Have you ever wondered what is behind all of those online advertisements that seem to be popping up on our screens? Or perhaps, you have questioned whether there is a viable career behind such efforts. Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries today.

This course has been designed to show you the various processes of an ever-expanding industry, by covering the most relevant topics within the realm of online advertising. Set through a series of 10 modules, this course aims to teach you the basics of digital marketing, while explaining key concepts, from the various platforms and methods of online marketing, to its rules and regulations.

Introduction to the Digital Marketing Course

Using an online platform, this course on digital marketing can be completed anywhere you are, further proving the power of the digital age. The course modules will take you through a range of concepts, which will help you to understand how the industry works, while also enabling you to put these theories into action.

Each module has been designed to build off the previous one, making it easy to follow and develop your understanding of the material. By the end of the course, you will have a working knowledge of concepts such as search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics, and a number of other online marketing strategies. It will also introduce digital marketing on the whole, which aims to give you a full overview of the industry, before delving into each module. Aside from just the theoretical aspects of digital marketing, each module includes activities which test your understanding of the course material, while also allowing you to think critically about each concept.

What you will learn
Over the duration of this course a number of topics will be looked at, which will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing. This course will cover the following topics, which will include a breakdown of the basic concepts, as well as how each functions within the overarching theme of digital marketing:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Marketing (SEM)
Pay-per-click advertising
Digital display advertising
Website development
Email and mobile marketing
Social media marketing
Online public relations
Web analytics
How to plan a digital marketing campaign
Benefits of the course
There are a number of benefits, which include:

A comprehensive, easy-to-understand look at the topics concerning digital marketing
Material focused on the UK, while also touching on global aspects
End of module activities and a final test which are designed to expand your overall understanding and put what you’ve learned into action
Can be completed anywhere with an internet connection.
Gaining relevant knowledge about an ever-growing industry, which will provide you with practical skills for the workforce.

Course Details

Course Code: UKFEC17CDR
Location: Online
Duration: 15 hours
Cost: £299.00
Qualification: Digital Marketing Diploma

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