04/09/2018 lifetime Princes Risborough HP27 9NS

General Assistant / Barista Apprentice – Hearing Dogs for Deaf People – Princes Risborough VAC-36532

  • Sector: hospitality travel
  • Location: Princes Risborough
  • Salary: 9204
  • Level: 2
  • Reference: VAC-36532
General Assistant / Barista Apprentice – Hearing Dogs for Deaf People – Princes Risborough

This listing has expired

To serve customers by offering them and producing a range of espresso-based coffees and serving other prepared foods and beverages.
To assist with the preparation, presentation and sale of food and the clearing and cleaning of any food & beverage service areas.
In the cashiering function you will charge appropriate amounts for ordered products and ensure that cash control systems are followed.

The following is not an exhaustive list of duties and/or responsibilities:

Catering Services:
1. Assist in the general preparation of the services at the unit.
2. To prepare/maintain and close the coffee counter within agreed service times and in accordance with set standards
3. To take orders from the customers accurately and legibly
4. To maximise sales by up-selling effectively and proffesionaly as directed by your line manager
5. Serve meals, snacks, and beverages from all service points to the standards required by your line manager.
6. Be able to explain to customers the name and ingredients of each dish prepared on site.
7. To serve and clear tables as required
8. To handle cash/other payments effectively.
9. Stock and replenish counters, service points, as necessary.

Cashier Work:
Operate the tills (as allocated) and be able to price and enter accurately and provide change accurately.
1. Carry out regular reconciliation work as required by your line manager.
2. Report immediately any monetary discrepancies.
3. Deal with customers at all times in a friendly and helpful manner
4. Pass on all feedback and comments to your line manager.
5. Assist with appropriate record keeping as instructed by your manager
6. Report to your line manager any malfunctions with the till immediately.
7. Report any customer queries/complaints promptly to your line manager.
8. Ensure the line manager is made aware of any wrong-doings of any kind in relation to money handling, or the tills promptly.

Hygiene, health & safety:
1. To be responsible for carrying out your duties and those of other Company employees under your control, in a safe, hygienic and healthy manner.
2. To ensure that Company and statutory policies, procedures and practices are complied with.
3. To work in compliance with the Company Operations Manual, adhering to good working practice, current legislation and your practical knowledge in this duty.
4. To ensure that company and statutory regulations pertaining to Health, Safety & Hygiene are adhered to.
5. To bring to the attention of your Line Manager, any significant issues affecting the health, safety and welfare of yourself or your colleagues and employees or clients in the area you are responsible for.
6. To ensure a high standard of personal cleanliness to comply with company and statutory regulations of Hygiene, Health and Safety
7. To ensure that all accidents which occur in the kitchen or service areas are logged and reported to your line manager.
8. Once trained operate equipment to company standards and maintain it in a clean, hygienic and safe condition.
9. Complete daily cleaning duties as outlined in the unit’s cleaning procedures and ensure correct record keeping.
10. Complete all company documents as required

Communication & Meetings:
1. Communicate with customers in a proactive and professional manner, taking into consideration the needs of the hard of hearing due to the nature of the site – Hearing Dogs for Deaf People
2. To report and take action regarding customer or client complaints or compliments and take matters forward as directed/trained
3. Attend any company meetings as necessary.
4. Effectively communicate and report all operational problems to your line manager.
5. To ensure good communication with all colleagues, ensuring the dignity at work policy is adhered to at all times.

1. To ensure completion of all training and coursework for apprenticeship is proactively followed and completed in the set time frames required
2. If required, assist in the preparation of hospitality service(s) to the required unit standards.
3. Assist with the delivery and collection of hospitality on site if required
4. If required, assist in wash up operations, and the receipt and deliveries of goods to the unit.
5. Carry out any reasonable request from management.

1. Comply with all company rules at all times.
2. To report to management immediately any accidents, fires, thefts, losses, damage, unit food issues or other irregularities.
3. To constantly think of ways to improve revenue, service and presentation of your area and communicate these to your line manager.
4. To undertake any other reasonable duty as requested by management.
5. Complete all company documents as required.
6. To deal with customers at all times in a friendly and helpful manner.
7. To receive any training that may be necessary.
8. To carry out any other reasonable request made by a superior.
9. The requirement to work in association with all kinds of food e.g. meats, poultry, fish, alcohol
10. The requirement to be present in the workplace at critical times e.g. serving times

Location: Princes Risborough

Position Type: Apprenticeship

Sector: Hospitality

Working Week : 30 hours per week (Including Evenings & Weekends)

Weekly Wage : £177.00

Application Deadline: 15-10-2018

Possible Start Date : 22-10-2018

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