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Junior Soldier Apprenticeship

  • Sector: landbased environmental
Junior Soldier Apprenticeship

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Army Foundation College, Harrogate

Not sure what the next step is after school? Army Foundation College (AFC) in Harrogate could be your answer. Think practical learning, fitness training, a selection of sports teams to join and the chance to start your journey into a professional career with the Army. Think freedom, think testing yourself, think being a part of something bigger than YOU. Think, a place where you truly belong.

Every year we prepare over 1,000 young people for life in the British Army and beyond. You’ll learn military skills – like how to live outdoors and handle weapons safely – as well as Maths, English and IT. You’re also guaranteed a job when you finish training, and there’s no limit to how far you could go after that. You could go on to complete an Apprenticeship across a range of sectors or gain a Bachelor or Master’s level qualification, all whilst earning a competitive salary and working within one of the most unified teams in the country. You will get the chance to find out who you really are, develop maturity and commitment and earn £1,000 a month.

How it works

You don’t need any qualifications to get a place at AFC, we’ll train you so you’re ready for any role. You choose which part of the Army you want to join – like the Infantry, the Royal Engineers or the Royal Signals – and you start a course of five or eleven months. You live and train with people your own age, learn from experienced soldiers, and take part in sport and Adventurous Training. And at the end of your course you’re ready to join the regular Army.

What it’s like

Everyone who comes to AFC is new to military life, and we don’t expect you to know everything straight away. You’re mentored by people who have been through training themselves and support you however they can. It isn’t easy, but you’re surrounded by people who want you to do well. Junior Soldiers build lasting friendships that help them get through challenging times and succeed, together, as a team.

I’m interested

Click here to find your nearest Army Careers Office and get in touch. Speaking to us doesn’t commit you to anything, and nobody will mind if you decide this isn’t for you. But it could just be the first step you take on a personal journey to independence and success.



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