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Level 2 Diploma in Human Resources

  • Level: 2
23/06/2017 New skills academy

Level 2 Diploma in Human Resources

  • Sector: business admin law, courses, hospitality travel, only course
  • Level: 2
Level 2 Diploma in Human Resources
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Human resources have become an integral part of almost every company around the world. Whether you own your own company or you are interested in working with people for a larger corporation, then the HR diploma may be the solution you are looking for. This course will guide you through human resources from the functions to providing you with valuable insight, advice and tips to ensure that you help your company achieve success and assist employees in achieving the best performance now and moving forward.

Introduction to HR Diploma

The HR Diploma is broken into twenty easy to manage modules which are brimming with valuable information. Each module focuses on various aspects within the human resources department, giving you the tools and information you need to ensure you provide the company and employees with the best service, ensuring that everything works smoothly each day and that employees remain motivated and passionate about what they do.

This course is studied at your own pace and in your own time. You can choose to study it in one go over a number of days or you can spread it out, studying when you have time. The benefit to this is that you can continue working full time while securing the certification you need to fast track or change your career moving forward.

On completion of the course, you will need to pass the multiple choice test. Once you successfully pass the test (you will be given two chances), then you can download and print your industry recognised certificate.

What you will learn
The course is designed to provide you with everything you need to know to enjoy a successful career in human resources. Whether you want to work at a company offering outsourcing solutions or you want to help your company retain your staff, you will find this information packed course offering you strategies, information and tips you can implement into your day right away.

Learn what human resources are and what they entail. You will also learn the purpose and advantages of human resources.
Identify human resources good practices.
Learn interviewing techniques. You will be given information on preparing for an interview and the legal responsibilities when interviewing.
Get insight on how to prepare for a new employee, how to make them feel welcome and have them settle in without delay to ensure productivity isn’t slowed.
Know what you need to add to employee guidelines and policy and procedure manuals. Learn about employee contracts, disciplinary action, grievance procedures and more.
Get a firm understanding on what human capital management is along with important duties.
Identify the HR skills needed from management skills to personal traits.
Learn what the purpose of an HR toolkit is, its benefits and what to include.
Learn about corporate social responsibility. This module includes green practices, strategy development and more.
Know what organisational behaviour is, approaches, models and more.
Learn how to effectively manage relationships.
Understand motivation and commitment. Learn why teams may become demotivated, why retention is important and the cost of staff turnover.
Get insight into performance management along with guiding principles and outcomes.
Learn about training and development, what to include in training and how to set up an effective employee training programme.
Identify the legal considerations.
Learn about career development.
Identify how technology has impacted HR.
Learn the basics of compensation, leave, benefits and more.
Get insight into dealing with workplace violence and bullying.
Learn about strategic planning.
This HR diploma will provide you with a host of benefits that you can take advantage of. These benefits include:

Affordable learning
Study online at your own pace
Use any device linked to the internet
Easy to understand information packed modules
Online modules with lifetime access
Online support
Fast track your career in the human resources department
Industry recognised certificate, which can be downloaded and printed immediately on passing the multiple choice test.
Start using what you learn within the workplace without delay.

Course Details

Course Code: UKFEC16HRD
Location: Online
Duration: 15 hours
Cost: £299.00
Qualification: HR Diploma

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