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Level 2 Fashion Retail

  • Sector: courses, creative digital media, retail
  • Location: Fitzrovia, London
  • Level: 2
Level 2 Fashion Retail

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About the Provider

If you are looking for an apprenticeship but haven’t found one suitable, our courses offer an ideal alternative.  You will study two days a week enabling you to work part-time alongside, gaining valuable retail experience at the same time.  During our October progression week, our retail partners come in to look for temporary and permanent staff, helping you to find the perfect part-time job.

When you join The Fashion Retail Academy (Ofsted outstanding) you will get much more than just a fashion qualification – you will gain a unique, industry led college experience in the heart of central London. Founded by retail giants, we are dedicated to offering you a range of exclusive Fashion courses with unparalleled industry involvement to ensure you gain the skills and contacts needed to successfully progress into employment.

Our courses are 1-2 years in length and are aimed at mixing classroom learning with vocational experience, so you are job ready on completion.  Most of our level 3 and all of our level 4 courses come with a guaranteed three week fashion work placement

Level 2 Fashion Retail

This one-year course is the ideal alternative to an apprenticeship. Designed to introduce you to fashion retail and design, this course will give you a comprehensive overview of the industry. You’ll study two days a week for the duration of the course, with an additional day for Maths and English if required.

This option is perfect for those who aren’t sure which specific area of fashion retail or design they would like to go into, as it covers a diverse spectrum of subjects. Here are just a few of the topics you’ll cover during the L2 Fashion Retail course:

History of Fashion

Visual Merchandising





Fashion Retail

Design and production

All three routes into the industry – graphics, design, and business are covered by the subjects above. This overview helps you to understand your skills and determine what you enjoy, informing which discipline you ultimately decide to pursue. Along the way, you’ll also work on your teamwork, presentation, time management, interpersonal and organisational skills to stand you in good stead for the next step of your education and career.

During this L2 course, we’ll cover both the creative and business side of the industry. Similarly, you’ll have the unique opportunity to follow the retail journey from the design stages to the moment a garment hits the shop floor, giving you a complete insight into the step by step process.

The L2 Fashion Retail course combines theoretical classroom learning with practical workshops and live projects to give you a well-rounded foundation. We will develop your analytical and creative skills through a live industry project. This “real world” experience will give you a taster of life in the fashion industry and the challenges involved.

Above all, the L2 course acts as a springboard for further study. It’s a great place to start if you’re not quite sure which specific discipline you’d like to progress in – the team will help you to identify your interests and enthusiasms as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Upon completion of the course, you’ll be in the ideal position to go onto a more specialist L3 course or an apprenticeship with a fashion brand. After graduating from a L3 course you might choose to take on an internship, an entry-level position in your selected area or continue studying.

Entry criteria

Age 16+

4 GCSEs at grade D/3 or above, including Maths and English.

Course Duration

1 year, two days per week (+1 day if additional Maths & English tuition is required

Start Date


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