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Microsoft Outlook Diploma

23/06/2017 New skills academy

Microsoft Outlook Diploma

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Microsoft Outlook Diploma
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The Microsoft Outlook Diploma is a smart option for anyone who wants to learn how to use and manage their own Microsoft Outlook email account. The course is filled with the quality information needed to sharpen and update your Outlook skills. Once you have completed the course, you can utilise the skills for your personal and business Outlook accounts.

Microsoft Outlook is an extremely popular email program that is utilised for both personal and professional use. As you complete each part of this course, you will receive a complete overview of the various features and tools Microsoft Outlook has to offer. Also, students will gain the skills they need to create, manage, edit, send and use all the tools included in the Outlook email program.

When a student enrols on this online course, they have 24-hour access to all the course information, which means they can study any time and any place that is convenient to them. The majority of people who opt to take this course have a full time job. Thanks to the flexibility, anyone can maintain their current lifestyle all while continuing to work toward their goals.

One of the most appealing features of this course is the ability to access the material on any device that allows the student to get online. It is also designed to be extremely easy to navigate thanks to the design of the flexible modules.

When the student reaches the end of the course, there will be a multiple-choice exam that must be passed. Once successfully completed, the student receives their diploma. After they receive their diploma, they can print a copy at home or have a copy posted to them for a minimal fee.

What You Will Learn
When you enrol on the Outlook Course, you will improve your Outlook skills thanks to the information provided. This includes:

How to compose, read and reply to an email
Adding, viewing and saving attachments to an email
Adding your signature to an email
Moving or backing up Outlook
Creating, navigating and assigning tasks
How to work with contacts
Creating rules to manage your emails in Outlook
Creating meetings in Outlook
Creating, opening and navigating calendars
Out of office reply message
Delivery options and advanced mail settings
Creating customised emails
Benefits of the Outlook Course Diploma
Any student who enrols on the Outlook course will find the following features beneficial:

The ability to study from any location as long as you have an internet connection.
The ability to work at a pace that is comfortable for the individual student. The course doesn’t impose time limits, so the student can take days, weeks or months to successfully complete the course.
The option to study from any internet connected device, including a laptop, PC or mobile phone.
Course modules that are easy to manage, making the entire process enjoyable.
Continued support to help enhance your training.
Ability to access a full syllabus to help you stay on track, all while sharpening your Microsoft Outlook skills.
Enhance your job application by adding the skill to your resume.
Pass the test and receive a recognised and certified diploma.
Affordable tuition costs.

Course Details

Course Code: UKFEC17MOD
Location: Online
Duration: 15 hours
Cost: £199.00
Qualification: Microsoft Outlook Diploma

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