23/03/2018 Jobwise training Fore St., London EC2Y 9DT

Operation Manager EC2Y 9DT

  • Sector: business admin law
  • Location: Fore St., London
  • Reference: EC2Y 9DT
Operation Manager

This listing has expired

Job Description

• Research idea planning
• Manage the set-up of new client account on HubSpot
• Participating in virtual company engagement tools such as Slack and Trello
• Access and set up of communication networks that builds a community related to interest area
• Create a health-related blog post on LinkedIn
• Planning and organising business operations
• Participating in meetings, including ongoing planning and execution
Person specification:

• Maths and English GCSES
• IT Skills
• Communication skills
• Attention to detail – written and proofreading skills
• Confident working with technology including (Microsoft Office, IT management tools)
• Energetic, shows initiative

Additional Information:

Days of work: Monday – Friday
Hours of work: 20 hours a week
Pay: TBC

Important Information:

Please be on time and dressed smartly.

Please think about the role you would be performing and try to understand the key tasks – ask your Jobwise Training CRM if you are unsure of anything.

Please remember to research the company. You will need to remember 3 things about the company from their website as you will be asked this question in interview.

Please remember to think of some questions to ask during your interview – these can be about the company or the industry. It is important to have at least one question planned.

Company: Esdeco
Industry: Medical & Healthcare, Business Development
Address: 1 Fore Street, EC2Y 9DT, London, United Kingdom

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