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Patient Pathway Assistant E13 8SL

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Patient Pathway Assistant

This listing has expired

Newham University Hospital NHS Trust


Job Title: Patient Pathway Assistant

Hours: 37.5 per week

Responsible to: Patient Pathway Team Leader

Accountable to: Patient Pathway Team Leader


The post holder will be responsible for delivering an effective and efficient administrative support service to the PODs. This will include clerical and general administrative duties that support the administrative elements of the entire patient pathway.
The post holder will be expected to rotate between PODs and duties on an as required basis and will need to develop skills in all areas of administrative functions that support the patient pathway.

1. Collect and deliver referral letters from consultants and other departments on a daily basis

2. To be responsible for the timely processing of all incoming and outgoing mail

3. To support PPCs with printing documents derived from the transcription service.

4. Check all letters coming off the printer to ensure none with incomplete or inappropriate addresses got to the post room

5. Ensure that all letters, faxes and documents received into the area of work from whatever source are date stamped upon arrival, sorted appropriately, and dealt with according to Standard operating procedures.

6. Ensure clinic schedules are printed on a daily basis and all clinic preparation documents are delivered to the health records department according to local procedures.

7. File all results, correspondence etc, in patients’ health records according to the Trust Policy.

8. Ensure that all relevant filing is completed according to local standards for turnaround time

9. Assist the PPCs to ensure all medical records and diagnostic results are available for each patient at the beginning of the clinic session

10. Retrieve case notes from outpatient clinic areas and deliver to the relevant POD

11. Retrieve hospital notes, x-ray results and other information from other Trusts, Iron Mountain and PPCs as requested by medical and nursing staff.

12. Ensure that all health records are made available to clinical staff as required and that they are maintained according to national, Trust and local procedures.

13. Ensure that all health records are tracked both in and out at all times.

14. Book and reschedule appointments as required according to Trust and local procedures.

15. Answer emails about appointment queries as directed by members of the POD

16. Deal with queries using systems available. Some of these problems may require further investigation with the assistance of the PPC

17. Assist with booking services for patients i.e. health advocacy and transport ensuring that they are made in accordance with Trust and local procedures.

18. Deal with telephone queries promptly and efficiently

19. To deal with enquiries or complaints from members of the public or colleagues and resolve where possible or refer onwards to senior members of the POD

20. Collect data as required to assist with audits of service provision.

21. Maintain any databases or spreadsheets that are used in the department in which you are working as required.

22. To ensure data quality and accuracy of any information entered into any information systems is maintained; ensuring

23. Organise meetings for POD as directed by PPTL

24. Ensure that all patients and colleagues are treated courteously at all times in line with customer care standards and Trust Values.

25. Maintain excellent communication between the patients, nursing staff, clinicians and other members of the administrative and multi-disciplinary team at all times.

26. To ensure adequate stocks of stationery, supplies and forms are maintained and used cost effectively within the department, liaising as appropriate with the team leader when stocks need to be replenished.

27. Participate proactively in projects and service improvements as required.

28. To assist with induction programmes for new staff within the department.

29. To work as an effective team member.

30. To contribute to the production and updating of patient information and other useful resources

31. To present a professional image at all times to ensure that good communication and customer service is maintained with all patients and colleagues.

32. The post holder will be required to rotate within roles and department areas as required to ensure a consistent level of service delivery.

1. Reporting any equipment faults and maintenance are reported to the relevant persons.
2. Dealing with patient and staff queries as they arise in the department.
3. To contribute to improving systems and processes as required with the improvement services. to provide support and training for the PAS clerks.
4. To ensure that all patients are kept advised of any delays in clinics as appropriate

5. Collection and opening of post daily and sorting and collecting the DNA letters from the Medical Records room and posting.
6. To be responsible for the quality of any information entered into any information system by the post holder ensuring that such data is entered accurately and in a timely manner in accordance with Trust and/or local standards..
7. To contribute to improving systems and processes as required with the improvement services
8. To comply with the Trust’s Health and Safety Policy and Safe Systems of Work and maintain appropriate records in accordance with Trust and local policies. .

Newham University Hospital is currently working in a climate of great change within the NHS. It is therefore expected that all staff will develop flexible working practices on a cross-directorate basis, to be able to meet the challenges and opportunities of working within the new NHS. Consequently, all job descriptions should be regarded as draft and subject to change following discussions with successful candidates.

The post holder is contracted to work at any establishment of the Trust at any time throughout the duration of his/her contract.
The post holder will treat all information that they handle with tact and discretion. No knowledge of a confidential or patient related nature will be passed on to any person that is not a Trust member of staff authorised to have such information.

Data Protection
The post holder will if required to do so, obtain, process and/or use information held on a computer or word processor in a fair and lawful way. Data will only be held for the specified registered purpose and data will not be disclosed to any unauthorised persons or organisations.

Health & Safety
Staff must not do anything to compromise the health and safety of either their colleagues or themselves. Staff should also be aware of the responsibilities placed on them by legislation to ensure agreed safety procedures are carried out. This will help to maintain a safe workplace for all.
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy
It is the aim of the Trust to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, religion, race, colour, sexuality, nationality, ethnic or national origins or is not placed at a disadvantage by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable. To this end, the Trust has an Equal Opportunities Policy and it is for each employee to contribute to its success.
Smoke Free Policy
The Trust operates a smoke free policy which prohibits smoking on all Trust premises. You are required to comply with this policy at all times.

Infection Prevention and Control
All staff are required to contribute to the maintenance of high quality patient care based upon principles of best practice in infection control. This must be undertaken by regular infection control training updates, which can be delivered through either direct or indirect supervision of practice by the Infection Control Nursing Team.

Our Trust Values
Staff are required to behave in a manner that reflects the organisations values. Our values are clear: staff are expected to care and listen to others; learn not to blame; promote quality and safety; encourage, praise and recognise the contribution of other staff; be accountable and focus on performance and demonstrate respect to others at all times.

Review of Job Descriptions
This job description is intended as an outline indicator of general areas of activity and will be amended in the light of the changing needs of the organisation. To be reviewed in conjunction with the post holder on annual basis.
It is the responsibility of all staff to minimise the Trust’s environmental impact by recycling wherever possible, switching off lights, computers, monitors and equipment when not in use minimising water usage and reporting faults promptly.


This is a specification of the qualifications, experience, skills, knowledge and abilities that are required to effectively carry out the responsibilities of the post (as outlined in the job description) and forms the basis for selecting a candidate.

POST: Assistant Patient Pathway co-ordinator

Basic secondary school education
Numerate and Literate Essential/Desirable

Experience/Knowledge and Understanding
Awareness of patient pathways
Knowledge of healthcare administrative systems and processes
Awareness of Primary Care, GP and community services
Basic Knowledge of medical terminology
Confidentiality and Data protection
Health and Safety
Equality and Diversity

Skills/Abilities/Behaviours Data/Records/Information Management
Accurate data entry, typing and checking skills
Pays attention to detail

Customer Care and Communication Skills
Ability to speak clearly and concisely
Ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds
Good telephone skills
Good listening skills
Ability to handle complaints

Team working
Makes a positive contribution to effective multi-disciplinary team working
Supports other in their work
Takes responsibility for own actions, behaviours and achievement of work objectives and goals

Quality and Service Improvement
Maintains high standards and quality of work
Completes tasks on time (accurately and to a high quality)
Organising, planning and prioritising skills – meeting deadlines
Follows instructions; adheres to organisational policies, protocols and procedures

Health and safety
Complies with legal and organisational requirements

Personal Attributes
Patient focussed
Has a flexible approach and attitude
Adapts to changing circumstances
Demonstrates respect for everyone
Acts with integrity


PPA Post Essential Competencies
Working with people (2.1)
(A) De (A) Demonstrates an interest in and understanding of others
(B) Ad (B) Adapts to the team and builds team spirit
(C) Lis( (C)Listens, consults others and communicates proactively
(D) Su (D)Supports and cares for others
(E) Un (E) Understands how own behaviours impact on others
Planning and Organising 6.1
(A) P la (A) Plans activities and projects well in advance and takes account of possible changing circumstances
(B) Ma (B)Manages time effectively
(C) Ide (C)Identifies and organises resources needed to accomplish tasks
(D) Mo (D) Monitors own progress against deadlines and milestones
Delivering results and meeting expectations of others (6.2)
(A) Focuses on patient needs and satisfaction
(B) Sets high standards for quality and quantity
(C) Monitors and maintains quality and productivity
(D) Prioritises and works in a systematic, methodical and orderly way
(E) Consistently achieves work goals
Following instructions and procedures (6.3)
(A) Appropriately follows instructions from others without unnecessarily challenging authority
(B) Follows procedures and policies
(C) Keeps to schedules. Manages time effectively
(D) Arrives punctually for work and meetings
(E) Demonstrates commitment to the organisation
(F) Complies with legal obligations and safety requirements of the role
Adapting and responding to change (7.1)
(A) Adapts to changing circumstances
(B) Accepts new ideas and change initiatives
(C) Adapts interpersonal style to suit different people or situations
(D) Shows respect and sensitivity towards cultural and religious differences
(E) Deals with ambiguity, making positive use of the opportunities it presents
Coping with pressure and setbacks (7.2)
(A) Works productively in a high pressure environment
(B) Keeps emotions under control during difficult situations
(C)Balances the demands of work life and personal life
(D) Maintains a positive outlook at work
(E) Handles criticism well and learns from it

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