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GBP 17000

Production Assistant Apprentice

  • Sector: business admin law
  • Location: London
  • Salary: 17000
  • Level: 3
Production Assistant Apprentice

This listing has expired

Bloomsbury Publishing is a leading independent publishing house, established in 1986, with authors who have won the Nobel, Pulitzer and Booker Prizes, and is the originating publisher and custodian of the Harry Potter series.

They are now looking for a Production Assistant Apprentice to join their team!

Provide administrative support to the division Production Department and carry out production tasks for assigned lists within division reprint, POD (print on demand) and eBook conversion programmes.


Facilitate the smooth-running of the Production Department by performing administrative tasks. Co-ordinate the conversion of backlist titles to POD and/or eBook formats. Co-ordinate the costing, correction, print-purchasing and delivery of reprints.


  • Collate and email Booking-in Logs to print suppliers (weekly).
  • Distribute print-ready and POD-ready text and cover files from our data asset management system, Collection Point, to our print and POD suppliers (weekly).
  • Process POD and NIPPOD submissions to the department, acting as point of contact with conversion and POD companies. Trouble-shoot across this process and clear Waitspecs report (weekly).
  • Process eBook conversion submissions to the department, acting as point of contact with conversion companies. QA and approve eBook files in our data asset management system, Collection Point. Trouble-shoot across this process and clear weekly QA failure and exception reports (weekly).
  • Set-up and cost reprint Impressions in Biblio3 and prepare P&Ls ready for authorization in the divisional reprint meeting (weekly).
  • For buy-in reprints contact packager and agree costs and schedules following documented workflow.
  • Following reprint authorization check required corrections and get print-ready text and cover files and, where applicable, other digital bundle assets updated and approved to set deadlines, liaising with project management companies and the design department (weekly).
  • Issue Print Purchase Order and follow title through to delivery to warehouse to set deadlines (weekly).
  • Maintain schedules and text status in Biblio3 for reprint and NIPPOD Impressions.
  • Process license and co-edition deals including providing files to partners and buying print for co-editions.
  • Process invoices in our accounts system FocalPoint (weekly).
  • Review production variance and complete job closing for reprint Impressions in our accounts system FocalPoint (monthly).
  • Review, distribute and file advance copies and maintain the Production Department archive.
  • Send out author surveys and collate results for circulation to the division (monthly).
  • Data entry and other admin tasks to support the team as required.  

All you need is EEWAP – Energy, Enthusiasm, Willingness to Learn, Ability to Take Feedback and Propensity to Take Action.
You’ll also need to pass a face to face screening interview with our Employer Partnerships team (don’t worry, we’re a friendly bunch) and sit initial assessments in Maths and English.

All you need is EEWAP which is: 






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