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Reception and Admissions Clerk NW3 2QG

  • Sector: business admin law
  • Location: London
  • Reference: NW3 2QG
Reception and Admissions Clerk

This listing has expired

JOB TITLE: Reception and Admissions Clerk
DIVISION: Urgent Care
RESPONSIBLE TO: ED Administration Manager
ACCOUNTABLE TO: ED Assistant Operations Manager


Apprentice is working towards the following job description and should not be expected to perform the full duties of the role until competencies are signed off

Apprentice will be given protected study and learning time to complete a level 3 apprenticeship in business administration, as set out on the development plan for the role.
The post holder will provide high quality front line administrative support to the Emergency Department. This role involves working closely with Nurses, Medical staff, Outpatients and Medical records staff. The post holder will work as part of the Emergency Department team ensuring an efficient, high quality and timely service is provided. This includes providing a welcoming and professional service to patients, relatives and all other services i.e. Multiple Ambulance Services and Police.

These duties do not require direct supervision on a day to day basis and the post holder is responsible for the management and prioritisation of their own workload. The staff would need to be flexible, have a range of knowledge of hospital work and external agencies. Staff are expected to work shift patterns, including nights, weekends and public holidays where they would work independently.

Due to the nature of the role, the day to day duties of this post, the post can be unpredictable, non-routine and deal with distressing situations.


Royal Free World Class Values
The post holder will offer World Class Care to service users, staff, colleagues, clients and patients alike so that everyone at the Royal Free can feel:

• all of the time
• Confident because we are clearly
• and cared for
• that they are always in safe hands


• To ensure all patients are booked onto the hospital PAS system with complete and accurate data e.g. address, GP, school, ethnic group, next of kin, to ensure relevant targets are met and treatment is correctly chargeable.

• Ensure that patients/relatives attending the department receive a welcoming, professional and respectful approach at all times.

• Deal with telephone calls (24hrs) requests and queries, dealing with these in a professional and respectable manner.

• To ensure every registration is carefully entered to prevent duplicate entries and that each patient search is carried out using correct Trust-wide processes.

• To ensure that all attendances with a special case code or special instructions
e.g. MRSA and child protection are communicated to a member of nursing staff.

• To respond to and act appropriately to any requests from internal and external persons requesting access to ED/UCC records.

• To participate in Major Incidents using pre-determined major incident cards detailing the role of ED/UCC admin staff. Staff may be expected to be available at short notice to assist in a major incident.

• To be proficient in working in all admin areas within the Emergency Department including Reception, Admissions and Ambulance Handover.

• To be responsible for training any new clerical staff that come to the department to work on the reception, admissions or ambulance handover desks and assist in familiarising other staff with practices, procedures and systems used within the department.

• To actively participate in identifying where processes could be improved and, as a team member, implementing any new processes or procedures.

• To be responsible for ensuring that all overseas visitors are bought to the attention of the overseas office to enable charges to be applied where necessary.

• To be responsible for maintaining stock levels of departmental consumables, to order in-house stock from the appropriate department and to advise their line manager when stock is needed.

• To discharge patients accurately from the hospital computer system using agreed discharge methods to ensure correct payment is applied to all encounters.

• To work as part of the clerical team in the ED/UCC and provide cross cover for other non-clinical roles when required.

• To mainly work unsupervised and use one’s own initiative to prioritise day to day workload.
• To escalate to the Administration Manager or assigned Team Leader (or Nurse in Charge out of hours) any immediate problems or concerns that are unable to be resolved personally.

• To scan all admission documentation for each patient admitted to an inpatient ward.

• To request or download the medical notes for all emergency admissions on the
case note tracking system, and track notes into and out of the department.

• To ensure that admissions to and discharges from the AAU are checked hourly when there is no ward clerk cover.

• To ensure all relevant notes and documents are scanned and sent to other specialties if a follow-up appointment or clinical discharge is required.


• To complete any other relevant duties as may be delegated by the Administration Manager or assigned team leader.


Infection Control
Infection control is everyone’s responsibility. All staff, both clinical and non clinical, are required to adhere to the Trust’s Infection Prevention and Control policies and procedures and the Health Act (2006) Code of Practice for the prevention and control healthcare associated infections and make every effort to maintain high standards of infection control at all times thereby reducing the risk of Healthcare Associated infections.

It is the duty of every member of staff to take personal responsibility for the prevention and control of infection, as laid down in the Trust’s polices and procedures which reflect the statutory requirements of the Hygiene Code.
• To work in close collaboration with the Infection Control Team.
• To ensure that monitoring of clinical practice is undertaken at the agreed frequency.
• To ensure that the ward environments are cleaned and maintained to the highest standards; ensuring that shortfalls are rectified, or escalate as necessary.
• To ensure that all relevant monitoring data and issues are provided to the Directorate’s Governance structures.
• To ensure that all staff are released to attend infection control-related educational sessions and staff with specialist roles, e.g. link practitioners, are released to undertake their duties.

Health and Safety at Work
The post holder is required to:
• Take reasonable care for the health and safety of himself/herself and other persons who may be affected by their actions or omissions at work.
• Co-operate with the employer in ensuring that all statutory and other requirements are complied with.


Confidentiality & Data Protection
The post holder has a responsibility to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and maintain confidentiality of staff, patients and Trust business.

If you are required to process information, you should do so in a fair and lawful way, ensuring accuracy is maintained. You should hold information only for the specific registered purpose and not use or disclose it in any way incompatible with such a purpose.

You should disclose information only to authorised persons or organisations as instructed. Breaches of confidentiality in relation to information will result in disciplinary action, which may include dismissal. Employees are expected to comply with all Trust policies and procedures and to work in accordance of the Data Protection Act 1998. For those posts where there is management or supervision of other staff it is the responsibility of that employee to ensure that their staff receive appropriate training (e.g. HISS induction, organising refresher sessions for staff when necessary.)

Conflict of Interest

The Trust is responsible for ensuring that the services for patients in its care meet the highest standards. Equally, it is responsible for ensuring that staff do not abuse their official position, to gain or benefit themselves, their family or friends.

Equality and Diversity

The Trust values equality and diversity in employment and in the services we provide. It is committed to promoting equality and diversity in employment and will keep under review our policies and procedures to ensure that the job related needs of all staff working in the Trust are recognised. The Trust aims to ensure that all job applicants, employees or clients are treated fairly and valued equally regardless of sex, marital status, domestic circumstances, age, race, colour, disablement, ethnic or national origin, social background or employment status, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, HIV status, gender reassignment, political affiliation or trade union membership. Selection for training and development and promotion will be on the basis of the individual’s ability to meet the requirements for the job.

You are responsible for ensuring that the Trust’s policies, procedures and obligation in respect of promoting equality and diversity are adhered to in relation to both staff and services.

Vulnerable Groups

·      To carry out responsibilities in such a away as to minimise risk of harm to children, young people and vulnerable adults and to promote their welfare in accordance with the Children Act 2004, Working Together to Safeguard Children (2006) and No Secrets guidance (DH 2000).

·         To demonstrate an understanding of and adhere to the trust’s child protection policies.

No Smoking

The Trust implemented a No Smoking Policy, which applies to all staff. Staff contravening this policy will be subject to disciplinary procedures.

Standards of dress

All staff are expected to abide by the Trust’s guidance on standards of dress.


This job description outlines the current main responsibilities of the post. However the duties of the post may change and develop over time and may therefore be amended in consultation with the post holder.

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