19/01/2018 Jobwise training London NW3 2QG

Roles for young volunteers NW3 2QG

  • Sector: health social care, healthcare
  • Location: London
  • Reference: NW3 2QG
Roles for young volunteers

This listing has expired

What can I do as a volunteer at the Royal Free? You can volunteer as…

SatNav Guide

Arriving at a Hospital can be a difficult experience, and your role will be to play a key part in putting patients and visitors at ease with a friendly and reassuring welcome. SatNav Guides help lost, confused and anxious patients and visitors to find their destination. The role involves talking and listening to patients, being a companion, and essentially striving to provide a well-rounded service to all patients and visitors. Notes… This can be a fun and active role, with an opportunity to learn about everything that goes on in the hospital.

Fundraising Volunteer

As a volunteer fundraiser you will be able to help with fundraising initiatives and events, collecting funds to go towards emergency care packs and slippers, massage therapy as well as cutting-edge research and equipment. At the moment we are fundraising towards jukeboxes for each of the wards, so that staff and volunteers can put on music for patients’ enjoyment during their stay in hospital. Notes… Fundraising is a great way to develop communications skills.

Ward Helper

Ward staff are always happy to have volunteers to lend a hand whether it be basic admin, providing companionship to patients or running errands for nursing staff, offering patients coffee and teas, providing companionship to patients around mealtimes, encouraging them to engage in their meal. This role gives you the chance to make meaningful relationships with patients whilst providing valuable support to staff. Notes… Volunteers do not feed patients.


Often patients with dementia become withdrawn or become anonymous – as an ‘old dear’ in a gown, a bed number. They can become dehumanised. The Rememberers are there to see the person, not just that patient with dementia. Volunteers are there to provide companionship with specialist tools, games and friendship. Notes… Additional training opportunities are available to volunteers in this role.

How long can I volunteer for? Six months… once a week for two-three hours

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