16/02/2018 Jobwise training Hackney, London E9 6SR

Staff Bank Administrator E9 6SR

  • Sector: business admin law
  • Location: Hackney, London
  • Level: 3
  • Reference: E9 6SR
Staff Bank Administrator

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JOB DESCRIPTION Safe, compassionate, effective care provided to our communities with a transparent, open approach.

GRADE: Band 3

BASE: Homerton University Hospital

MANAGED BY: Staff Bank Lead


• To support safe staffing levels at the Homerton University Hospital through the delivery of an efficient and prompt temporary staffing service.

• To advise managers and bank employees on Trust bank and agency procedures, recruitment and employment checking procedures and induction of new members of staff.


Bank and Agency Bookings /Supporting Departments

• Responsible for the matching process of Bank staff to available shifts, paying particular attention to detail and ensuring that the correct information is fed back to the ward/clinical area and Bank staff member

• Maintain accurate and up-to-date staff records, availability and shift allocation by effective management of the Bank Staff Management Computer System

• Responsible for adding staffs completed training onto Healthroster for electronic payments with the deadline of no later than Friday of each week.

• Backtracking and allocating any additional shifts booked in order for electronic timesheets to be authorised and signed off for payment.

• Ensuring any weekly Bank timesheets are authorised to a set deadline of no later than 8.30am every Monday morning in order for Bank staff to receive weekly pay

• To be readily available to all bank members and ward managers regarding any queries and distributing any complaints and grievances to the Staff Bank Lead & Staff Bank Officer • Ensure all Bank staff personal records are maintained to a high standard

• Monitor hours worked in accordance with Working Time Directive guidelines

• Liaising with nurse leads and Heads of nursing regarding the authorization of agency requirements following the current protocol.

• Liaise with nursing agencies to book outstanding shifts, record information and feedback information to ward/clinical areas.

• Create agency records for all new staff booked to work within the trust

• Ensuring that new agency workers checklists are received and cross checked before allocating a booking

• Ensure that ward managers are aware of the local agency induction policy and information is recorded and chased for auditing.

• Provide missing reference numbers to the nursing agencies and forwarding any relevant signed timesheets to the ward managers for authorisation.

Bank Recruitment

• To ensure the final stage of the recruitment process is completed for successful Bank Staff including requesting references, issuing offer letters, cross checking identification, carrying out Disclosure Baring Service checks (DBS) and updating Spreadsheet.

• Responsible for ensuring all Bank staff are cleared from Occupational Health before allocating work and resolving any issues that may arise.

• Responsible for ensuring all Bank staff are compliant with trust induction/mandatory training updates before allocating work.

• Responsible for arranging and completing registration, issuing uniforms, identity forms, terms of engagement, payroll/pension information and discussing the bookings process.

• Ensure all bank records are created and maintained to high standards including regular updates, changes and adding Payroll Numbers.


• Completing change/termination forms with authorisation from the Staff Bank Lead.

• To investigate any pay queries cross referencing the information via Healthroster, ESR and Payroll and issuing change forms or duplicate timesheets with authorisation signature from staff Bank Lead

• To ensure that the Homerton Staff Bank post boxes are emptied twice a week, authorised for payroll and cross checking hours, banding, budget codes and signatures.

E – Rostering

• Responsible for supporting the HR systems administrator as and when required with ERostering

• Ensuring that a high quality service is maintained, tackling minor problems as and when they arise and identifying any trends or concerns to the Staff Bank Lead


• Responsible for resolving all enquiries efficiently and courteously, in a fast paced environment in person, via email and via telephone

• Monitoring the staff bank inbox and responding to any requirements.

• Ensure all answer phone messages are promptly dealt with, within 5-10 minutes of registering on the telephone

• Escalate complex calls and complaints to Staff Bank Lead and Staff Bank Officer.

• To build and maintain efficient, professional relationships with Bank staff members

• To act as a first point of contact for visitors entering the department

• To undertake filing duties and to maintain effective local filing systems as required

To receive, sort and distribute incoming mail as appropriate

• To undertake photocopying, faxing and other clerical duties

• To take responsibility for own career development regarding training and development

• Always maintain confidentiality in line with the Data Protection Act.

• Carry out all duties in accordance with Homerton University Hospital NHS Trust policies and procedures

Department Interaction

• Attend and participate in team meetings

• To conduct other administrator duties and tasks as directed by the Staff Bank Lead

• Work alongside the Staff Bank Lead and Officer/s to ensure all performance standards are met.

• Work with the Staff Bank Lead to identify their personal and professional development needs and attend training courses and development activities in accordance with the Trust appraisal system.

This job description outlines the current main responsibilities of the post. However the duties of the post may change and develop over time and this job description may, therefore be amended in consultation with the postholder.

The Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust sits in the middle of one of the most diverse locations in the world. To this end we are committed to and champion equality and diversity in all aspects of our employment practice and service delivery. All employees are expected to understand and respect this commitment and work with us to promote equality and diversity in the course of their work.

All employees are required to have the appropriate level of English language competence to enable them to effectively carry out their role, deliver safe care and enhance the patient experience.

Employees, in line with the Trust’s commitment to the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Previously known as the ‘Hygiene Code’), improving infection control and health and safety are individually required to ensure that they make every effort to contribute to making the Homerton Hospital a clean and safe environment within which to work and receive care. All employees of the Trust are required to observe legislation, Trust policies, standards and guidelines relating to Risk Management, Equal Opportunities, Confidentiality, Data Protection, Freedom of Information and the Trust Code of Behaviour.

It is the responsibility of each member of staff to be aware of, and work in in accordance with, the Trust’s safeguarding children and adults policies and procedures. This includes ensuring that they undertake statutory and mandatory safeguarding children and adult training appropriate for their role. In addition to acquiring safeguarding knowledge and skills, each member of staff must be competent and maintain their knowledge and skills in clinical practice to safeguard the health and wellbeing of children and adults.

All staff have a responsibility to prevent and control infection within Homerton Hospital. This includes ensuring personal and team compliance with the Hygiene Code (Health and Social Care Act 2008) and all relevant policies including Hand Hygiene, Homerton Dress Code, MRSA screening and Infection Control.

It is the responsibility of leaders of the Trust to demonstrate and foster the Trust’s commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility by acting as a role model and enabling others. It is the responsibility of all staff to minimise the Trust’s environmental impact by recycling wherever possible, switching off lights, computers, monitors and equipment when not in use, minimising water wastage and reporting faults promptly.

Living Our Values – How We at the Homerton Work

Safe – We will do everything we can to make our services as safe as possible and create a positive learning environment. We will do this by:

• being open and honest when we get things wrong, and doing all we can to correct and learn from our mistakes

• listening to our staff, patients, service users and their carers and using their feedback to improve services

• ensuring that we have the right staff, with the right skills, caring for each patient

• constantly monitoring standards of care and responding quickly if there are concerns

Responsibility – We will take responsibility for our actions and any problems that we come across – we lead by example. We will do this by:

• being open and transparent about our performance and setting challenging improvement targets

• thinking differently and looking for new and innovative ways of working

• ensuring our care is evidence based and follows best practice

• doing the right thing, even when it is difficult

Personal – We will provide care which addresses individual needs and focuses on our patients, service users, their families and carers, and our staff. We will do this by:

• ensuring that relationships with patients and service users are founded on compassion, empathy and kindness

• appreciating each person as an individual and addressing their specific needs

• actively listening to and involving patients and service users in decisions about their care

• providing continuity of care through good communication and teamwork

Respectful – We will treat others as we would expect ourselves or our families to be treated and cared for. We will do this by:

• treating everyone with dignity and respect

• listening to others and valuing their contribution

• providing services that meet the diverse needs of our communities

• valuing and supporting the health and wellbeing of all our staff

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