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Train to Join a World Class Fitness Movement

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Train to Join a World Class Fitness Movement

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Les Mills is on a mission to create a fitter planet. We mix great music and cutting-edge science to help people fall in love with fitness.

Our workouts are growing in clubs across the UK. And we’re looking for new fitness Instructors to train with us.

We run courses across the UK where you can train as a Les Mills Instructor and get recognised as a world class expert in fitness. Once certified you’ll be able to work as a freelance Instructor in one of 2200 clubs offering Les Mills programmes in the UK.

We’ve got 20 different programmes to choose from – such as the original barbell workout BODYPUMP™, our cutting-edge HIIT workout LES MILLS GRIT™, or yoga-inspired BODYBALANCE™.

You can choose the programme, date and location to suit you.

Les Mills Instructors are in demand the so the employment opportunities are huge.

Plus, we provide you with brand new music and choreography every 90 days, that’s backed by scientific research to ensure you and your participants get results. It keeps things fresh, and leaves you to concentrate on delivering an awesome fitness experience.

What will you learn at Initial Module Training?


This is a 2-day course led by a supportive Les Mills Trainer.


You’ll be given plenty of time to learn the choreography before the course, to help you to get the most from your time once you get there.


You will learn and practice the 5 Key Elements that shape a Les Mills Instructor:


1.         Choreography – If you know your Choreography which is provided by Les Mills, you are free to teach.


2.         Technique – The way you look and move will inspire your participants to work harder.


3.         Coaching – Participants want to know how to do the moves correctly. They want to understand why they are doing them and what benefits they will receive.


4.         Connection – It’s about creating an atmosphere in the class that everyone wants to be a part of.


5.         Performance – This is when you get participants moving, sweating, pushing, persevering, fatiguing, and feeling the class experience from the inside out.


Initial Module Training prepares you for leading your own Les Mills classes.


Once certified you will:


•         Become part of the 130,000 strong Les Mills Global Instructor Community who will support you and share your experiences

•         Feel empowered by an improved knowledge of technique, giving you credibility as a fitness professional

•         Be part of a world class fitness movement. Our workouts are licensed by 17,500 partners in 100 countries around the world.

•         Be encouraged to challenge yourself in new ways with continued training and development

•         Improve your confidence, especially in public speaking, and much more

•         Keep up-to-date as we refresh our programmes every 90-days; mixing great music with cutting-edge science


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