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Wedding Planning Diploma

23/06/2017 New skills academy

Wedding Planning Diploma

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Wedding Planning Diploma
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Whether you are in the process of planning your own wedding or you have always wanted to help couples plan the perfect day, then the wedding planning diploma is the right choice for you. This course provides you with everything you need to know to plan the perfect wedding from start to finish to ensure the day runs smoothly and according to plan.

Introduction to the Wedding Planning Diploma

This diploma is broken down into manageable modules which are information packed to provide you with everything you need to know, whether you intend running your own wedding planning business or you want to plan your own wedding to perfection.

The course is studied online, which provides you with the ability to study from anywhere and at your own pace. The modules are compatible on all devices, so you can study day or night as and when wanted. Studying the wedding planning diploma enables you to still work full time while you obtain your diploma, which is industry recognised.

On completion of the course and passing of the multiple choice test at the end, you will have the ability to download and print your certificate. You will also have the ability to order your certificate to be posted to you, if you prefer, at an additional cost.

What You Will Learn
The course is brimming with valuable information, advice, tips and guidance to help you plan the perfect wedding. The modules include the following:

Know what activities you will be responsible for as a wedding planner.
Learn what will be expected of you from your clients.
Understand why couples rely on wedding planners around the world.
Learn about different ceremonies and customs.
Get an understanding of the process in planning a wedding along with essential time lines.
Learn how to book the right venue based on your or your client’s unique wedding requirements.
Understand different ceremonies and legalities.
How to plan the itinerary for the day.
Know different themes and how to execute them.
Understand different clothing options.
Get insight into finding and booking the perfect caterers based on your client’s tastes and requirements.
Learn about wedding cakes and identifying which baker to use to create the perfect cake for each event.
Understand the different forms of wedding entertainment from bands to solo singers to DJs, and how to choose the right one.
Get a good understanding of wedding flowers and where to place them.
Learn about the various transport options for the bride, groom and wedding party. Identify if you need to arrange transport for visiting guests.
Benefits of taking this course
The wedding planning diploma provides you with all the information you will need to plan the perfect wedding day, whether you are planning your own wedding or you want to start your own business. You will learn all the important aspects to help with your involvement from the beginning to ensuring the day is executed to perfection.

The benefits of this particular course include:

Enjoy a comprehensive syllabus broken into manageable modules.
Study at your own pace, there is no schedule to adhere to. You can complete the course within days or months, depending on the time you have available to study.
Compatible with all devices, enabling you to study from anywhere with an internet connection. You can even study on the bus or tube on your way home from work.
Flexible studying. Study after hours and still manage a full time job.
Enjoy the convenience of online support throughout your study process.
Improve your career prospects.
Start your own wedding planning business.
Enjoy an industry recognised certification.

Course Details

Course Code: UKFEC15WPD
Location: Online
Duration: 15 hours
Cost: £299.00
Qualification: Wedding Planning Diploma

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