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If you’re a college leaver looking for career opportunities why not invest in your future with M&G Investments Apprenticeships?

About M&G Investments

M&G Investments is a global company that operates in 16 different countries to help people make decisions on investments.

About M&G Investments Apprenticeships

M&G Investments Apprenticeships offer young people the opportunity to gain qualifications, experience and skills through on the job training and off the job training. M&G Investments Apprenticeships last between 12 and 18 months and you will discover a wide range of skills and an understanding of many aspects of the business and how they operate. During your Apprenticeship, you will also earn a competitive salary.

What is the recruitment process at M&G Investments?

M&G Investments want to recruit the best! Kick off your journey you’ll begin by filling out a registration form and uploading your CV, you will then be given two online tests (situational strengths and numerical reasoning) which will take roughly 20 minutes each test.

Once you’ve completed that you’ll then have a one way video interview, where you’ll be asked questions, given time to plan and then time to answer the questions plus extra time if needed to discuss anything you missed out.

You will then be invited to the M&G Investment offices for an interview to discuss your capabilities with a hiring manager and HR member followed by a final interview where you’ll meet the team and have a final interview. This may involve a case study or basic test however you will be given confirmation of which one you’ll be receiving prior to the interview.

M&G Investments Apprenticeships


Ready to let M&G Investments invest in your future? To apply for M&G Investments Apprenticeships you can visit the M&G Investments website to check for vacancies or visit their employer profile. Search for similar vacancies at Careermap to find your dream role.

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