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NHS Apprenticeships – Estates service staff look after NHS buildings and the grounds around them.

Like any buildings, NHS sites need repairs and regular maintenance. As the NHS expands the need for building maintenance does also.

NHS Apprenticeships

NHS Apprenticeships Indoor

Working within the NHS required highly skilled tradesmen. As an apprentice you’ll be working in one of the following areas alongside a supervisor:

painter and decorator
estates technician

NHS Apprenticeships Outdoor

The outside of NHS building need to be spick and span, it’s the first thing visitors/patients see and the last thing they want it to look like is a run down, grotty building from the 60’s. Working outdoors you can be doing any of the following roles:

window cleaner
gardeners and grounds staff

If you’ve got practical skills and like doing a good job on a building then a role in estates services with the NHS might be right up your street. Check out the NHS employer profile.

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