Northumbria University Apprenticeships

Northumbria University Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to avoid university debt while still getting a degree. Are traditional university routes not for you? Are you keen to get started in the world of work? A higher or degree Apprenticeship with Northumbria University could be the perfect opportunity for you.

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What do Northumbria University Apprenticeships involve?

Northumbria University Apprenticeships provide a great way for you to start earning and learning while kick-starting your career in your chosen area of employment through integrated cutting-edge research and practical skills. During your Apprenticeship with Northumbria University you’ll gain highly sought skills, a nationally recognised qualifications and real life work experience through on the job training combined with academic study. Want a debt free degree? Find out what options are available to you.

Northumbria University offer an extensive range of Apprenticeship opportunities which include the following:

Architect Degree Apprenticeship – The Architect Degree Apprenticeship is a new route into the industry where you’ll be involved in designing projects and making a valuable impact on your workplace. You’ll also develop the skills required to fulfil your job role as well as gaining a nationally recognised qualification to support your capabilities.

northumbria university apprenticeships architecture

Business Leadership and Management Practice BA (Hons) – Are you looking to develop the knowledge and skills to become a competent manager and leader in a business? This Apprenticeship will help you to gain relevant experience and skills, so you can lead and manage a team effectively.

northumbria university apprenticeships business leadership

Quantity Surveying BSc (Hons) – Interested in developing your quantity surveying skills, knowledge and experience? Through this Apprenticeship with Northumbria University you’ll learn how to manage the procurement of resources, cost building designs and negotiate effectively with partners.

northumbria university apprenticeships quantity surveyor

Real Estate BSc (Hons) – Looking to gain the skills, knowledge and experience with relevancy to the real estate sector? This Apprenticeship will help you become an industry expert while you’ll be involved in acquiring and disposing property as well as, valuing, managing and developing property.

northumbria university apprenticeships real estate

Risk and Compliance BSc (Hons) – Want to gain the professional skills and personal behaviours needed for a career in risk and compliance? This Apprenticeship will prepare you for a long and fulfilling career by building your knowledge of business, risk, compliance and cyber security.

northumbria university apprenticeships risk and compliance

Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship MBA – Are you looking to become a senior leader? Why not embark on a Northumbria University Senior Leader Apprenticeship so that you can develop your knowledge and skills in strategy, enterprise and risk, innovation and change, leading and developing people and developing relationships.

northumbria university apprenticeships senior leader

Solicitor Degree Apprenticeship (LLB Hons) – Want to pursue a career in the legal industries? This Apprenticeship will help you to gain an in depth knowledge through relevant on the job training and academic study so you can develop your skills and experience to forge a career as a solicitor.

Justice and Law concept. Legal counsel presents to the client a signed contract with gavel and legal law or legal having team meeting at law firm in background

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