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Regis Apprenticeships provide an excellent foundation for you to start a career in the hairdressing industry. Do you like to make people feel better about themselves? If so, an Apprenticeship with Regis could be just what you’re looking for.

About Regis

Do you want to join one of the largest salon brands in the UK? Are you ambitious and creative? If so, a Regis Apprenticeship could help you to start your career in the hairdressing industry while ensuring you develop your knowledge and understanding.

What do Regis Apprenticeships involve?

Regis Apprenticeships provide you with the opportunity to learn from a team of industry professionals in a hair salon environment. If you’re keen to start your career, but also want to continue learning then a Regis Apprenticeship provides you with on the job training and theoretic study. This will enable you to gain experience in a hairdressing role, highly sought skills and a nationally recognised qualification.
During your Apprenticeship with Regis you’ll learn a wide range of skills including the following:
-Shampooing, blow drying and finishing hair with product
-Learning how to style, dress and finish hair
-Understanding head shape and bone structure
-Learning how to conduct a successful client consultation
-Exploring good client care
-Discovering the science of hair
Regis Apprenticeships
Regis Apprenticeships can involve being stood on your feet for long periods of time, but the challenges will be worth it as it can be highly rewarding knowing you’re helping someone to feel good about themselves. During your Apprenticeship with Regis you’ll develop your knowledge while you receive an extensive range of support by your learning mentor, colleagues and employer who all want to see you succeed in the career you’re keen to pursue.

Applying for Regis Apprenticeships

Ready to kick-start your career with a Regis Apprenticeship? To apply visit their website or check out their employer profile to find out more.

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