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We caught up with Rosie from QA Apprenticeships to find out what motivates, inspires and drives her:

How did you get into Tech?

“I studied computing for GCSE because a guy at school said that because I am a girl, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Since I am very stubborn, I was determined on proving him wrong. When I started class, I fell in love with programming so did software development for work experience. About 6 months later, I arranged my schools careers fayre and Cisco was opposite NIU solutions who I did work experience with, from there they spoke to me and I was approached to apply for an apprenticeship.”

What’s it like working at your age?

“It can be challenging to cope with being 17 and having a career. Sometimes I have to remind myself about my age. It’s a challenge but I would make the same decision again.”

QA Apprenticeships

So, where does your confidence come from?

“My confidence mainly stems from my family, I have very strong influential women around me which is great. My mother and father are very supportive of me and push me to be the best version of myself, if I didn’t have them I don’t think I would be where I am. My boyfriend is also extremely supportive of my choices so, I get a lot of encouragement to boost my confidence.”

Any talents or interesting facts about you?

1. I used to play bassoon

2. I have written blogs

3. I do kickboxing

4. I am Cisco’s youngest employee worldwide

QA Apprenticeships

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