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SwiftACI Apprenticeships – What you need to know

SwiftACI Apprenticeships provide an excellent opportunity to start your career within the childcare industry. Have you always wanted a career looking after children? Through an Apprenticeship with SwiftACI you’ll do exactly that whilst gaining an in-demand qualification.

About SwiftACI

SwiftACI offer vocational training and accreditations enabling you to reach your career aspirations. Through a range of learning and development opportunities you’ll be able to forge a long and fulfilling career within the childcare industry with plenty of progression routes.

What do SwiftACI Apprenticeships involve?

SwiftACI Apprenticeships are all about helping you to reach your full potential and career goals through the delivery of outstanding off the job training and real life work experience on the job. Full time study isn’t for everyone that’s why SwiftACI Apprenticeships combine employment with part time study enabling you to gain vital skills and experience whilst earning and learning, building your confidence and gaining a nationally recognised qualification relevant to the childcare industry.

Nursery nurse assistant apprentices are involved in all aspects of childcare, you’ll work with a wide range of children and your duties and responsibilities will vary dependant on the children’s needs and requirements. SwiftACI offer two levels of Apprenticeships including the following:

  • The Level 2 Certificate for the Children and Young People’s Workforce
  • The Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship for the Children and Young Peoples Workforce

Foundation to the Apprenticeship is a 6 week programme introduced to people looking to start their career in childcare and gives you an overview of what to expect within the childcare industry whilst also building your skills and knowledge.

SwiftACI Apprenticeships

SwiftACI Apprenticeships open possibilities to a wealth of development and career progression opportunities, once you have attained your childcare Apprenticeship qualification there are a range of roles and further learning courses you can experience such as the following:

  • Diploma in Home-based Childcare
  • Diploma in Playwork
  • NVQ in Children’s Care, Learning & Development
  • NVQ Teaching Assistants
  • Diploma in Pre-School Practice
  • National Certificate in Early Years
  • Diploma in Childcare & Education
  • Certificate for Special Needs Assistants
  • Advanced Diploma in Childcare and Education
  • NVQ Level 4 in Children’s Care, Learning and Development
  •  Early Years Professional
  • Child Minders
  • Nursery Nurses; at level three nursery nurses are likely to have supervisory responsibilities
  • Teaching Assistant/Higher Level Teaching Assistant
  • Teaching
  • Nursery Managers

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