moving out of university halls to a house

Things to consider when moving out of university halls

Most students will be starting to look for a house to live in for their second year of university.

Moving out of university halls to your own house with friends on your course can be extremely daunting, so we’ve put a guide together to battle the issue of bills and things you need to consider.

Who do you want to live with?

Choosing who to live with should be pretty simple. Obviously, you’re not going to choose to live with people you’ve never spoken to or those you don’t particularly share any interests with. It’s all about getting the right mix of personalities, try to find friends who you think are clean, good with money and those who aren’t going to demand house parties EVERY night.

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Most university cities or towns have a student area. They are most likely to be closer to your university and you will be closer to other students but be aware that rent is normally a lot more expensive in these areas. If you think you can hack the 30 minute bus ride to university every day then you’ll save yourself a bit of money or maybe you or one of your friends drive? Save money and all chip in for fuel costs.

Deposits and Agency Fees

Most landlords will ask for a deposit which you will get back when you leave provider there is no damage to the property. This is normally a months rent. You may also need to pay agency fees – these can cost up to £400. Make sure a parent or seek advice from your university before signing a contract and ask for a break down of agency fees.

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Don’t Rush

It’s important not to rush too quickly into renting the first property you view. Make sure you look around a few houses first and make a group decision. Don’t be forced into something you’re not sure about and don’t try to force someone else into it if they aren’t sure.


Students don’t have to pay for council tax but you will need a TV license. This will cost you £147 for the year and while it might be tempting to avoid it if caught you will be left with a hefty fine of up to £1000 so just pay it. You might also want to get content insurance for your things in case they get stolen.

Approximate costs (per month) for a house of 4:

Electricity: £50

Gas: £65 (gas will go up & down depending on the time of year, during colder months you can expect to pay more)

Water: £20

Broadband: £25

Total: £160

Total per person per month: £40

Top Tip! Make sure you take meter readings before you move in and ring your supplier with them so they can’t overcharge you.

Now you’re all set to move out of your university and go on the hunt for your house. Good luck!

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