Tory Eley – HR University Placement IBM

Current role: HR Business Development Coordinator

What made you decide to come to IBM as a university placement student?

Due to IBM being such a global well known company, I wanted to be able to gain an insight into a company with such a great reputation. I saw there was numerous intern roles so the intern community also attracted me as I knew I wouldn’t be alone.

What hints or tips would you give to those who areinterested into applying to IBM as a university placement student?

Do your research. It is important to show you have taken some time to do some thorough research on the company and adapt your applications/answers accordingly. This shows you have an interest in the company and have made effort to wanting to work at IBM. Doing a placement gives you a real insight into what a ‘real’ job is like and you can gain an understanding of what it is like working in such a large corporate company and in the sectoryou are interested in.

What has your career journey at IBM looked like so far?

I have only done a few jobs which have been for example a waitress for a private catering company, Tesco and then some volunteering. None have been related to HR. I was very much starting fresh eyed on a placement in HRwhich is an area I would like to be in for my future career.

What hints and tips would you pass on to a student about to start the IBM recruitment process?

Put in the effort to prepare as much as possible for each stage and take attention to detail to help make your application stand out. Throughout the process, ask as many questions you may have as everyone is very happy to help, and no one expects you to know all the answers. Also, be yourself as they match you with a role they think will be suited to you so if you are not yourself they won’t be able to match you with a role that will actually suit you.

What’s the best thing about your current role?

Firstly, the team. Without having such a willing, knowledgeable team it would make the job ten times harder. Everyone helps each other using their skills and knowledge and then teach eachother in any way they can.

Also, the variety. There isn’t one day the same. There are tasks you have to do with every project but each projects circumstancesare different. You must be willing to adapt.

What’s the best thing about being at IBM?

Everyone is so willing to help, no matter what role or management level they are in. If you reach out to someone they are more than likely happy to help and have a chat or else point you in the right direction if they can.

There are endless opportunities, such as networking, learning and give back opportunities. The amount of different things you can do is unimaginable before you join. The best advice I have been given from everyone I speak to advises me to make the most of this year. I have experienced this myself firsthand due to how many opportunities there are on offer to us as placement students.

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